Gautrain issues

Yesterday, two trains were stuck as a result there was a huge delay with the trains and people wee impatient to wait for another train. I hoped that today things will b different.

This morning I went to the train normally as I do everyday an. Only to be informed 10min later after boding the train that the trains are delayed. No messages have been  sent out, no communication has been sent out to the radio stations to alert the train users of the problem they are encountering.

The train gets to move, then we are informed that the train will stop at Midrand we have to make way to  the buses and will be taken to our various stations. Thinking there will be an order at the bus port... there were a lot of people astray, queues so long, to top it worse, people on the queues didn't know which queue lead to which station, even the Gautrain employees self, were clueless. We pay a lot of money to make use of the train, there are apps that are there which should make use to communicate with the travelers of any inconvenience there is with the trains.

Some of us don't have executive positions whereby you just inform people that you are running late.

We have to account, you are expected to know if the trains are not moving well. And, we don't have good managers like others do, you are expected to know the unknown if I may put it. Some even, might lose their jobs because of  this inconvenience .

An alternative, should be made. Yes we get power failure and all that, but necessary communication should be made so that people don't go through that kind of stress. We understand life is not perfect at all times, but clear communications should be made to the involved people.