Getting Rich is Simple...

After travelling for three full days around the country, I am finally heading home. I’ve been dropping from bus to taxi and vice versa. I’m exhausted, so I lie myself at the back seat of the taxi. We are parked at the taxi rank waiting for the taxi to get full. I am resting in a way that I am occupying all four seats. It’s a long distance taxi, and we are only five in it at the moment.

There’s me at the backseat having my grapes of which I had bought from the lady across from where our taxi is parked for R10. In the next seat in front of me relaxes a lady who is in her late thirty’s or early forties if you take a not so relaxed look at her. Next to her on one of the seats she places her packet of chicken wings and a 2 litre of soft drink. Though to me the soft drink doesn’t look cold at all now, as the sun is out and to prove that the light blue jacket she was wearing is now wrapped around her waist.

Then on the next seat is a respected man who looks to be on his late fifties or early sixties. He is wearing his old grey suit, which looks to have been originally black. He is going through one of his newspapers, from where I’m seated I cannot actually tell how many they are as they are all stacked together as he browses through them. And lastly is the couple on the seat behind the driver’s seat. All I noticed about them is when a guy came selling pirated DVDs’ they bought one.


So in the taxi everyone is minding his or her business, when this man in his forties pops up by the door of the taxi. I assume he is also here for the ride. He stands outside the taxi. He greets us in a very respected and polite way, “in the name of Jesus”. We all respond to him in an acceptable way, except for the lady in front of me who just carries on singing along with the radio as she’s been doing ever since I came in the taxi. On radio a local station is on tune, and this lady knows almost every song they play.

The man introduces himself, as he starts by telling us his name and surname and all the little things he thinks we shall be interested in. He is wearing a suit, with his head shaved on the sides and nicely combed at the top. The couple in front is starting to lose interest as they are starting to carry on with conversation they’ve been having before the man started talking. He then starts his story, of how the Lord has sent him.

He is just here to pray for us as the Lord has sent him since we still have a long way to go. We then pray together with him. After we said our “amen’s, he followed us with quoting a verse in the bible. He knows it of by heart as to me it shows he has been doing this for quite some time now.

So he goes on and on for a sweet 20 to 25 minutes and all of us in taxi are pretending we not listening to what he is saying. He preaches, and he preaches. Then before he closes he opens another verse in the bible of which he knows by heart too. He reads to us and then explains what it means. The verse said something like if someone is doing something in the name of the Lord he/she should be encourage in a form of money.

Then after preaching so much about everything he is now preaching about how every person needs money and how one who does the Lord’s work should be thanked by money. He then prays for us and focusing more on the money issue now. We finish praying then he asks for his money, he begs and we ignore, he carries on quoting verses here and there. We carry on ignoring.

We are now confused whether this man came for us or for himself. Until he sees we not going to give him any money, he thanks us and then leaves. As soon as he leaves the lady stops singing, the man in front of her closes his newspapers, the couple stop talking and they all began to laugh at the same time. Even I didn’t know better I would say it had been planned. I rise from my relaxing position and join in with my shy low tone laugh.

We all laughed and we all laughed at the same thing, we were not laughing at the man that was preaching but we were laughing at the purpose of his preaching and stress he made upon the financial issue. This had erased all what he said before because now we did not know the aim. This man is better than many I know.

Most people think it is easy getting rich. They look for the simplest way to get money. Now, when I used to study marketing there was a saying that said “see a need, fill a need”. So basically this man saw a need that people needed a prayer before they left the taxi rank, or maybe ranks. So he filled it, now since we all know he was doing it for money.

So most people do things that are absurd than what this man does just to have money and get rich. And what we all miss is that there is no way one can just get rich overnight. And even the very few benefits the owner of whatever thing it is more than you. Take an example of the lottery, do you think if they made 2 million they would give out 1 million to one person say whom gets 6 numbers correct. Is that it?

In order to get rich and have most of your nights peaceful, you need to get up and work your bums off. Imagine if you were to win a 20 million jackpot after having played the lottery, say for instance you slept today with negative some rands in your bank account and tomorrow you are a million rands richer than today.

Do you think you would be in the right state of mind? Really think about it. So if you want people to take you seriously and support you, do something you believe in and work hard on it. Do not do something that people will be skeptical about. Provide something that people really want, not what you think they want. Stay away from get rich soon schemes.