God's Existence

One of the problems most atheists have with theists is theists’ inability to prove beyond doubt, through evidence or reason, that there in fact is an Almighty God. Most atheists then assume that theists must of necessity be of substandard intelligence since they believe in something they cannot prove.

 I will attempt to show that believing in God and proving He exists are two separate endeavours that should never be allowed to be conflated into one. A simple example should do this.

I work in a utility management company. I’m the company’s Data Analyst and as such I have access to most (if not all) the company’s financial data. I understand the company’s business model and I know where, when and how the company receives the money it uses to pay me each month. Each day a cleaning lady comes and collects the rubbish in my bin. She doesn't understand the company’s business model and has little idea of how, when and where the company’s money comes from. Interestingly however, her lack of knowledge doesn't make her any less likely to be paid at the end of each month than I am. The little knowledge she has (that this is a business, that it makes money and that if she does her work she will be paid at the end of each month) is all she needs in order for the system to work. The rest she simply leaves to faith – she may one day understand it but it will have no bearing on her likelihood to get paid at the end of the month.

This has been my approach to the question of God’s existence. Before I went too far it became important for me to know, to my satisfaction, whether or not there actually was a God in the first place. There was no point in me trying to figure out why God did this or that or what kind of person He is if, for all I knew, He didn't even exist. From there I sought His direction as to where I can learn about Him. Through His Holy Spirit I was enlightened about His nature as I read the Bible and other scriptures and also as I walked the journey of life (being a worker, a friend, a brother, a husband and father).

One more example will solidify the point I’m trying to make. Twelve years ago I sat at a bus station reading the Book of Mormon (considered scripture in my Church). It was a Saturday and I was waiting for a bus to take me school where a school-bus would then take me to the venue of our rugby match.

 While sitting there I realised that the bus was late according to the time table. As I had no other alternative way to get to school I had no choice but to wait until the bus came, whenever that would be! The bus finally did arrive and I stopped reading the book. Midway through my journey I heard a voice (yes A Voice!) and when I listened intently I could clearly hear it say: Get off the bus and go to the other side. I understood that by the other side it meant the other side of the road. But I was still far from school and attempting to walk there would only serve to make a bad situation worse. So I refused to obey. I felt a strong feeling that I should listen but I was stubborn and afraid. The bus stopped and someone got off. I knew that if I was ever going to get off it would have to be then but still I was held back by my fear and uncertainty. The bus started again and as it approached the top of a slight incline, over the hill came the school bus and it passed us. If only I had listened to the Voice instead of my fears and doubts. I would have gotten off the bus and gone to the other side; I would have been able to stop the school-bus.

Do not let the doubts over the when, where, and how prevent you from the blessings of knowing the most important truth: that there is an Almighty God who loves you and wants to help you reach your potential, if only you will let Him.