Good guys really do finish last...every time

In the world we live in today, finding a man that has all the attributes of a kind, loving gentleman, caring, a father figure, supportive and willing to change for their partner and relationship, would that not be worth keeping?

I find it hard then to believe that yet again I find myself alone and without a clue as to what I am doing wrong in my relationships. Where does a male who has all of the above attributes seek advice moving forward or are us males just totally out of luck when it comes to finding a partner that will commit to us. I do think that there are a few of us out there, the so called nice guys who always finish last, we are around and its time that ladies start telling us what they want from us and how we can further improve to meet their every changing minds and strict criteria.

I grew up being taught that money and fame was the last thing women sort after and that being a gentleman was all that was required to attract the opposite sex, I believed this and applied myself at every meet and greet that included a member of the opposite sex. I can without a doubt confirm that not once was I give any phone numbers to call later.

I think the standards by which we live have dropped, I think it has become incredibly hard for men like myself to attract a female unless I have a sports car or a six pack, women just don’t seem to take notice of men who open doors anymore or smile and greet.

So the question I am asking is, what is commitment to women, is it a male that goes to work each day, comes home and cooks and helps with the kids and makes lunch in the morning for the family for work and school and helps around the house, the list really does go on, or are women just looking for men in sports cars?

What makes you ladies commit? And why are you ladies not looking for me like us?