Good news to a weary South African

For many, it is rare that we get anyone bringing us good news. It’s usually the sad news bearer who comes our way. I just thought of sharing some good news of love.

 Having grown up in the townships myself I know that life is not a bed of roses. It often throws all sorts of missiles at us and the thought of giving up completely is not too far for most of us.  Giving up comes in different stages. One gives up and resorts to prostitution. The other opts to shy away from the problems, how-be-it temporarily, by getting high on drugs and other things which I will not mention here. The worst stage to ever get to is when one has to terminate their own life. These are the realities of life. It’s a labyrinth; many will get lost and never find their way out. But, there is hope.

The good news is that anyone can rewrite their life story at any time.  It often begins with a decision. A right decision will spur someone to a better future while a wrong decision will only achieve the opposite. We often find ourselves at the valley of decision. This way, or, that way; a decision has to be made.

 The good news I have is that there is love out there. Yes, someone loves you with true love. The world we live in is a selfish world. Survival of the jungle is the order of the day. You either eat or you are eaten. But God loves you. He gave his son Jesus to bring change to your life in this world and that to come as well.  I speak from experience. Jesus is alive and he loves you. Embrace him and you embrace love and life. Your life will never be the same again.

 You probably have tried many things and they haven’t worked. I tell you from personal experience, doing the same thing over and over will not yield a different result. You might even have tried religion but I will tell you that I did too. It didn’t bring change. Only a relationship with Jesus did for me.All hope is not lost. He is not too far away from you. A whisper reaches him. Yes, he is that close.

 We are weary. He says: Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest. That is what he did to me. He can do the same to you. He will help you go through the maze called life. He is not far away from you.