Government has failed

Before I begin I do wish to apologise for this rant but I do need to rant as my mind can no longer contain what I would like to say.

An Open letter to Government

You have failed. You have failed us all every member of the public every person who live in society who tries to live a good life. We strive to live our lives on the right side of the laws of the land we pay our taxes, we drive the speed limit. You told us to conserve energy as eskom was struggling so we did.

You even brought in etolls behind our backs lied to us and told that sanral needed the money to upkeep our road network we the law abiding citizens lowered our shoulders and to much dismay we spent our hard earned money putting that etag in our cars much to the discontent we showed for the project we still did it.

We strive to be good people live good lives and help others when needed because that’s what a good hard working citizen would do. I have even done everything I can  to instil these values into my children and I try to let the people around me conform to this to so we can all be good citizens doing our part to make our country great so that we can be a shining model for the rest of the world.

You have failed all of us and have allowed our beautiful land to be overrun by monsters and to protect yourselves from us standing up to you, you gave us the “ human rights bill” and made it “constitutional” basically saying murder is wrong except if you are a murderer.

You have failed us for every drop of innocent blood that has landed of the ground for every innocent death for every sexual assault for all the children who have suffered, for all those who are starving every day you the government are guilty of heinous crimes against humanity.

Government is elected by the people of the land to best serve these people to ensure our children get the educations the deserve to ensure that the sick are taken care of properly, to show the elderly we have not forgotten their sacrifices throughout their lives, to allow children to be children as long as possible, to make sure the hungry eat and that the thirsty drink to let all those who are good people who strive to lead good lives to have good lives and to let them know that everything they have done will only make things better for their children. You have failed.

You have failed us so badly that not only does our land lie in ruin but our streets are now ruled by the very monsters you are supposed to protect us from. You have forced us to build walls so high with security so ridiculous it has made our very homes prisons where we have become locked behind living our lives in fear.

We no longer believe you when you say crime has dropped because that is not true people have just given up reporting it because it no longer helps.

1 trillion rand

Our tax money we so diligently pay is used to fund your ridiculous forums or to fly the “leaders of the land” and their friends, family, neighbours and dogs all over the world or to build you lavish homes or to pay your ridiculous salaries or to pay for you blue light brigade and yet this year SARS is said to be getting over 1 trillion rand in revenue from us and yet the schools are falling apart education is so substandard it’s a joke teachers are no longer skilled, children do not even get learning material on time our roads have more holes in them than the surface of the moon.

Our police force has no idea where to step any more and has been paid so poorly you have created a new avenue for extortion of the public we have metro police soliciting bribes every day. Hospitals so dangerous it would be safer to get treatment in a junk yard.

And yet there you sit Mr government in your secure parliament building debating our futures passing new laws “to protect us” or rather how to cover up the latest scandal of corruption, theft, murder or whatever else you are doing.

We the law abiding citizens live our lives striving for just a few things to watch our children grow up and live their lives happy to know I can sleep safe at night other than that we the people are not very wanting when it comes to stuff all we really want is to be comfortable.

You have failed us and yet you sit behind your high walls with armed security or drive with a armed escort go to “work” where there are armed guards everywhere to ensure your safety. When did you become more important than those that elected you to office when was your life worth more than that of a child shot in a botched hijacking or a family mutilated in their homestead. You have failed us when you allowed the first person to become a victim.

Is it not time that you the government are judged for what you have done for what you have allowed to take place. Gone is the day where you can find a new excuse on who to blame apartheid did not murder those kids this week. We the people have now grown restless and have begun to realise that if you do not take action against what you have caused we the law abiding citizens shall begin to lay down our mantle of law abiding citizens and take up new mantles.

We the people have now seen the failings of the government we have seen how the system which they cling to can now longer carry any more a system that is collapsing around their feet soon will come the time when justice will be handed back to the people.