Healing and Miracles

Okay. This is what I want to know...healing testimonies with proof, eg. A guy that is totally blind, went to doctors who tell him he will never see. Suddenly a pastor or major evangelist prays for him and suddenly he can see and its even filmed with a live audience. Or wait an even better one - some person has a lump on his head, the holy man prays and live on video you see the lump swelling down!!

Or how about a person who sees a bright light, takes out a camera and takes a picture of the light and when viewing or printing the image, lets say the face of JESUS appears!!

Okay so if that stuff is all true then there must be a God performing these miracles.


What about all the people with diseases who have prayed their whole life and have never been healed?

How must they pray to get healed?

Christian Answer:

Some say its because they don't have enough faith.  They need absolute faith without any thought of doubt before God can hear them. Also they need to repent of all their sin and bad deeds and give up any sinful habits, sinful nature, sexual deviation and unforgiveness and hate before God will hear their prayers. And swear to God you won't do it again and accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. And also the verse that says if you turn a blind eye to the poor, God will turn a blind eye to you when you pray. And also you have to pray to Jesus rather than praying to God directly and Jesus will be the medium between you and God. Cause Jesus says no one can come to the father God unless you come through me.

Result 1: You suddenly become healed, then it works. GOD heard your prayer and acted upon it.

Result 2: Nothing happens

Now it means either God was busy answering someone else's prayer and never heard you OR he heard but is choosing not to grant your wish for some reason or other.


The tsunami in 2004. Over 500 000 people died. What about those children drowning looking up to the sky and crying out for help and all got drowned to death.


Maybe God didn't answer their prayer requests cause they were praying to other eastern gods to help them so he let it happen. The bible says God is a Jealous God, he destroyed nations in the past that worshipped other Gods and destroyed their people with all sorts of calamities.

Summary: God does what he wants, answers the prayers of those he wants to and ignores others. Helps those he wants to help and destroy those he wants to destroy. THATS IT.