Help SA move forward!!

I would like to share the fact that SA is stuck focusing on matter that helps nobody. We are in a time when many people give huge amounts of time helping people no matter their colour or background!! Yet when one small party like the blackface girls do nothing to nobody we cry out. Here is one  example of the many things Tuks does to help everybody!!   But nobody will share this on the homepage or make this front page news, why are we stuck in the past when people from all races are trying to change the world. Tuks societies help people everyday making a difference their  peoples lives. One example is TUKSCreative. They an organization on the Groenkloof campus, striving to be teacher that expand children's horizons. We do many community outreach programs funded by Tuks. Please contact me if you want anymore information. Lets start sharing the good and stop harping on the bad.