Help me understand

South Africa the country of my birth. South Africa the country I love, I do not understand you.

I was always told in English never talk in the first person when I write he was most probably right. But you must understand this is my personal view, this doesn't need to be your view and if you agree with my thoughts woozhaa! 

Anyway this is all about the recent lootings that happened on Wednesdays the 13 August 2014 that was just 2 days ago, if you missed the story I don't blame you I heard about it the first time on Monday on 702 for maybe 30 secs on a news segment on Thursday's morning show, every informative show btw.

It was about some robberies in Orange farm and surrounding areas, where by the residents looted foreigner owned shops. I work at the JHB Market, maybe you would have seen me on the highways I work as a courier for the local fruit and vegetable sellers. 

Yeah that guy carrying just within his vehicle to withstand. But what you don't know as you drive pass in your BMW or Golf with shiny rims. You should pause and think who might be the driver and where are those veggies and fruits going? Who gets fed by this food?

Well the drivers are South African and the passengers are foreigners and who is getting well that would be South Africans. Not the South Africans that live in Sandton and Rosettenville. I am talking about those same South Africans that live in Orange Farm. 

Now you must be thinking there be some South Africans supplying those areas, my estate being a transporter would be 80% of the buyers at the JHB Market would be foreigners and that is being conservative. Of course Pick n Pay buys there as well, I would invite you see the state of the Pick n Pay in Orange Farm it is a sight to behold. Go there then compare in your minds eye what your Pick n Pay looks like.

BUT BUT But but wait wait - there is a mall being built. This mall will have such stores as Woolworths and Truworths. Ai yena the people just want a good Shoprite please guys. Anyway back to the lootings I went to work on Wednesday having learnt all this on getting to work I took a group of 3 ladies to Naledi, if you don't know where this is I don't blame you, even Google maps couldn't help me find it.

The ladies where better navigators anyway and knew every shortcut from the market to there shop a little MTN shop thing that is rusted and well worn but this is there life without this shop they could not feed their families. These ladies were South African. I went to a back to the market and got a trip of two guys going to Evaton and De Deur I had quite forgotten about the break ins and it being about mid day report time it might have been on while we loaded the bakkie for the trip.

We loaded and left the discussion quickly turned to the Robberies both men in my truck had travelled 1900km to get to South Africa, they crossed the borders of 2 countries to get here, but if you had to ask them for a passport they might get a bit nervous.

I asked they if they were not part of the community in there respective areas. The one replied, " We pray together, we eat together, we help each other, we are a community." I was rendered speechless, are we these sort of people? That can rope a person you can pray with, what kind of people can we be as South Africans to look at the people that journey through more danger to come here and not harm us but help us. 

Most the drivers or owners of the bakkies and vans at the market are South Africans. The mine workers and there families and other South Africans are benefiting and our farms are benefiting never mind how much the JHB Market benefits all from these foreigners that cross borders to come help us.

They brave risks that none of us South Africans could imagine.If I told you to travel to another country but in this that promises peace and rainbow nation and talks of ubuntu, your money that is all you have brought from your country here not through a bank but on your back you will bribe your way through borders and sleep under the stars this journey might end with your death but if you can make it a greener pasture awaited.

One where peace and love for your common man was the norm and this new land you want to be your home this land of peace. When you arrive you will have no help because the banks don't want your money, what insurance company would insure a shack made of poles and canvas but this will be your shop.

This will be where you can earn a living. Because you see South Africa has a free market something we done right. But your life would not be easy for one the police where your enemy at any time a police man can make a buck off a foriegner I have seen it happen in my bakkie as the R20 got passed with passport right pasted my steering wheel, then the cop had the inclination to make more money off me by asking why was I employing a foriegner without a proper passport I laughed.

I explained to the Noble Police Man that the I was the one being employed by the foriegner and as he wad the employer and hadn't asked to see my identifaction first I was disinclined to to ask for his. The Noble Police Man thought this through and nodded and let me on my way.

If you go to Orange Farm and the surrounding you might notice that anything happened on Wednesday 13 August 2014 you might see some looted shops but the street sellers will be still there, those are the victims of what happened they will be the ones that where robbed and whose divinity was trampled into dust whose neighbours had attacked them with greed and without remorse. 

As the I asked the brothers from another land, "What about the police?" The reply I got is, "The police shined there lights on the shops and storage houses so the people could see better what to take."

Help me understand South Africa because I don't are we not the Rainbow nation are we not suppose be better then this?