I remember my atheist friend

I had a friend. He said he had now changed into an atheist. I asked him why he had become an atheist when there is overwhelming evidence in the systems of life which we cannot explain fully. “Creation itself testifies that God is there somewhere”, I had said. His answer was because there is no scientific evidence that the spiritual realm exists. He went on to explain a lot of things but all could just be summarised in the one statement above.

 After some thought, I was taught not to be hasty in answering, I said to him: “So, anything that does not have scientific evidence to prove their existence, do not exist?” He responded, without much thinking, “Yes, how can you say that something exists without proffering scientific evidence that it exists?”, but with a sense of satisfaction with the answer he had given me.

Don’t worry; it will not go to that “professor and kid” story. We had studied some science subject at university. So, I reminded him; “Do you still remember what scientific evidence is?” He just stared at me. I continued; “Scientific evidence is evidence which serves to either support or counter a scientific theory or hypothesis. Such evidence is expected to be empirical evidence and in accordance with scientific methods”.

 We had some discussion around that statement, in relation to the subject we had, remember it was about atheism, until an uneasy calm followed for about 10 minutes. He then said; “Mbango, we cannot be friends anymore; you always want to convince me to follow your ways. I am not you stooge. Bye bye!” So, I lost a childhood friend and colleague because I had shown him the fallacy of the atheist’s scientific proof argument which had been used to recruit him.

Firstly, it doesn't make sense to say that something that another person says exists does not exist.  If you want to argue that it does not exist, then the burden of proof is upon you.  That is exactly what scientific evidence prescribes that you do. Science does not say that something you cannot prove its existence does not exist. No, that is not science. Science is smarter than many atheists, who although they claim to use it in their arguments, do not know anything about what it is.

Just imagine what the people of today’s atheist persuasion would have done if someone had said in the 15th century that there is something called electromagnetic spectrum, for example. They would have formed an association to tell everyone that we are being lied to. No. But, good scientists never did that, rather they kept exploring until a breakthrough came in the 18th century.

Don’t you think that the fact that you get no cell phone signal where you are does not mean that the waves are not there. Don’t argue and say there is no Vodacom waves. You just need to check if your cell phone is not dead or there is a sim card in the phone. Get a working cell phone with a full battery and a simcard and, boom!!, the whole world is at your disposal. Even if it did not work, it would not be scientic proof that the waves are not there.

You can argue as much as you want that there is no electric current in a wire because you have tested using a wrong instrument. Why not ask those who say there is electric current and they will show you an ammeter before you try to prove it by touching the live wire?

 Just a word of wisdom to my atheist brothers and sisters out there; Re-visit what scientific evidence is or conjure another argument. The current one is busted. God loves you more!

 Mbango Sithole