Idiots on the road...

I'm really concerned about the mentality of my fellow road users in South Africa...

I've been using the same two roads (Modderfontein/Allendale), but what I've noticed is that a basic two lane road instantly turns into 3 or more lanes. I also bet you this is not the only two roads this happened. This honestly frustrates me into the ground. Without sounding racists, but also what I've notices that 98% of the people who drive on the yellow lane and make more lanes are Taxi's.

I'm not a racist at all, in fact I have a lot of black friends. But who the hell does these bloody idiots who drive there think they are?

When there is metro police on the road they don't do that, the best is when they are doing it and they see the metro police then they try to push in and if you don't give the space they get aggressive. Who gives you a right to drive there, does not matter if you black, white or yellow.

But most of all like I said previously its mostly just taxi people, so I would like to find out why does taxi people think they can do what they want on the road, they drive where they want to, stop in the middle of a street and drive over stop streets and red lights.

I can honestly say without hesitation if there is an idiot driving like this and they come in a car accident and die, I will seriously not have any sympathy and to be honest its not if they are going to missed by there fellow road users. I might sound heartless but I don't care.

Obey the rules of the road does not matter on your skin colour, I don't care who you are or what race you are but if you drive like that and die in a car accident then you got what you deserved, because you are endangering the other people around you.

Drive safe and keep you cool.