If someone does your wrong..don't start plotting revenge

A person dear in my life was badly treated by an employer some years ago. She got a call yesterday from a lawyer asking questions about this unfair lady. She answered truthfully and honestly.

I explained to her some words of wisdom that my father had given me many decades ago as follows:

"Son if someone does you wrong and is bad to you, don't get angry and start plotting revenge. Sit back and relax. They will always get their punishment."

I am almost 66 years old. Those of you closest to me know that I keep a little notebook. I write my thoughts and observations each day. One day I made a list of all of the people in my over 6 decades who had been wonderful to me,helped me, and really gone out of their way to be nice. I'm happy to tell you that the handwritten list of names covered over three pages.

I then made a list of the people who had been really bad to me and done terrible things to me.

That handwritten list of names covered only 75% of one page. Those negative people had not been able to destroy my spirit,life or hold me down.

There is a saying from my native state of Texas that I love as follows:

"You can't keep a good manor a good woman down."
If you are in despair or feeling that you are in a hopeless situation, never lose your faith or your confidence in yourself.