In defence of God’s beautiful Creation

In defense of God’s beautiful Creation

I have recently seen yet another attack from a cultural demographic on the fact that God’s most beautiful science “Evolution Science” should not be taught to children in primary and secondary education. This immediately elicited that old, well suppressed anger in me dating back to my “oppression by propaganda” eduction that was forced on so many of us that had to undergo secondary schooling in a previous era.

Evolutions sciences and other Life Sciences

With all the modern Life Sciences underpinned by concepts of evolution and its research, most modern medicines, vaccinations and bio-technologies are as a direct result of understanding concepts like DNA, genes, chromosomes and immunology.  The best part is that these sciences have the ability to inspire awe in kids, teach them to respect nature and expose them to Creation’s most elegant aspects even at primary school level.

Religion behind the disrespect

It was only recently that I found out that during my schooldays in a desperate attempt to suppress knowledge and free thinking the government actually officially banned Life Sciences from being taught in its rightful manner in schools, undoubtedly as a way to socially program the “benefactors” of that education to serve their purpose. Sitting behind these policies made for self-serving purposes and material gain, were the materialistic religions suppressing God’s most beautiful science in the name of whichever form of capitalism you can think of.

Of course, these religions have had to change their teachings so many times since then that they have fractured into multiple business units none of which can agree on what to lie next. And then there are the idiots that are stuck on the “missing link” and “the big bang”. Please do yourselves a favor and read something that would explain some of God’s evolutionary principles in a more scientific manner than what you’d find in the Huisgenoot and the Bible before commenting in front of your children, or God forbid mine.

Teaching humans to respect God’s stuff

Would you want to explain to your child that God created everything through a process called evolution and that characteristics of for instance facial features of people are due to the coding information contained on their genes? Species that show similar features are usually closest related to each other on an evolutionary chart. It is therefore possible to identify even specific races of humans with the same color skin, by some form of a visible trait that you can recognize if they are closely related.

When delving deeper into evolution science, DNA recombination, mutation and the arrangement of molecules which are completely a-biotic, into real live organisms show God to be completely spectacular, awe inspiring and utterly magnificent, if you are inclined to have respect for these type of things, that is!

You may also teach alternative principles

If you don’t have much respect for anything, there are also the alternatives that may be taught to children very much in the way “oppression education” went about things. You may explain that if you give money to people at a church in small donations you will be “blessed” with “prosperity” and other materialistic things. You will also be sent a handsome prince in a white fortuner that will give you loads of money to buy big houses, wine and lots of beautiful clothes.

Further teachings available are that we as humans have been afforded the right to “rule” over animals because we are separately created as superior beings and are therefore entitled to dominate, kill and destroy how we see fit. In fact, there is a right of passage into “manhood” available that allows you to blow away a small antelope and pose in front of the remains to show how strong you have become, jou yster!

Children may also be taught that they should say no to drugs, but with the exclusion of the drugs that you personally want to use of course. Some ancient doctrines describe the use of these drugs as allowable even as far back to when there were no heavy machinery to operate and cars to be used to go back home after the drinking session at the “book-club”. After all, as a single mother driving home late at night to go and check on my children, it just does not feel that bad if I’m slightly inebriated. And how about you, sir, how are you going to protect your loved ones in the condition you are in once ever so often?

And then of course, if you teach children that it is ok to lie to protect your own “interests” that should give them the best start in life that they can possibly get.

Please allow me to apologize for the offensiveness

If my defense of what I see as the awesomeness of God and my support for God’s beautiful evolution work offends you, I apologize. But, in the same way as materialistic religion proclaim that they own God, so do atheist and Satanists claim to own evolution. That is in no way your right however, and no religion, atheist or Satanist will ever be allowed to deny my child, any other child, person or myself the right to the truth, all the information contained in science and the freedom to make up ones own mind about how to behave.