Interracial Dating

With so much emphasis on diversity, equality, and multiculturalism, interracial dating should no longer be taboo. Most people would outwardly agree that there isn't anything wrong with dating outside of one's race. However, when it hits closer to home there are immediate shifts in attitude. A level of discomfort still exists within most families. While it is natural instinct to fear the unknown many people simply think it is wrong. Not my child, not my sister, or not my mother is the response that some family members will express. Although we have come to tolerate people of different races dating is still a touchy subject. There are both pros and cons of interracial dating that anyone considering dating outside their race should keep in mind.

Here are some pros of interracial dating. First, if you decide to interracially date someone you are taking a stand whether you intended to or not. If you are dating for the right reasons you are saying to your parents and community that you don't care what they think. Of course, having the support of friends and family is important but when it doesn't happen you are saying that you are strong enough to pursue your heart's desire regardless. This stance could actually strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Another pro is that interracial dating is an opportunity for you to learn and understand about a culture different from your own. Different races often have a different way of life, culture, or even religion. If you are dark skinned and decide to date a fair skinned person, you have the opportunity to explore your differences. There is a lot that each of you can share about your experiences. More than likely you will gain a better understanding and respect for not only for a race of people but their culture and beliefs.

A third pro of interracial dating is that you may find the love of your life and marry someone despite racial differences. By dating outside of your race you are opening yourself up to dating others that are different from you. So you increase your dating pool and your opportunity to marry.

Of course, there are also cons of interracial dating. First, interracial dating may be frowned upon your community. The stares and racial comments expressed by others could become too much. There is also a chance that you may lose people you were close to in your life because they don't agree with your decision. Depending on your family's views and the race in which your partner belong there is a chance that friends and family will disapprove and you and your partner  may be subjected to racial discrimination from your loved ones.

You should also be aware that during arguments the worse come out of people. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may say things, including racial slurs or derogatory comments out of anger that could hurt you and potentially end the relationship. Sometimes your relationship may be strong enough that you can overlook it, but if resorting to this behavior becomes a frequent event, you might want to consider if being with this person is truly worth it.

Not only during arguments can derogatory comments come out, but casual conversations may involve your partner making ignorant comments. There are times when they may even think that it is funny. Again, you might want to consider whether your partner's reaction to racial differences is a sign of an ongoing concern. You should question whether his/her outlook will become a problem if the relationship becomes serious what potential problems could occur in your marriage and if you decide to have children. Sometimes the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to being with someone of another race.