Is Freedom Park just another white elephant?

I would like to bring the following to your attention:

My husband and I visited Freedom Park in Pretoria yesterday (Sunday) and was absolutely disappointed with what we found there.

The place was so quiet that we were the only visitors at the outside museum in over 2 hours (this was around midday).

Furthermore, maintenance is non-existent. The flame at the "eternal flame" was off (the security told us they were waiting for gas) and the fountains at that building also did not work.

There was a hosepipe feeding water into the flat water fountain area ???

We then proceeded further and found unfinished electrical fittings (dangerous) with wires hanging out of the wall.

There was more electrical fitting problems at the "hot stone" area (not sure what the correct name is).

Then the cherry on top was - my husband went to the gents toilets and there was no water in the toilets or in the taps !!! By contrast we went to the Voortrekker museum and everything was in working order and people were braaiing and having picnics all around the museum.

Is Freedom Park just another white elephant or simply a waste of taxpayers' money?

*Note: This is a letter to the editor e-mailed to News24.