Is the end of God nigh?

With Rosetta nearing it’s target, my questions are what happens to god should they find life on an asteroid? Even the possibility to sustain life?

The Philae lander will collect ACTUAL samples from the rock, and provide us with irrefutable proof.

What will this do to the theory of Panspermia? What will this do to the theory of god?

The religious attach more value to “what if” than they would like to admit. So the mental exercise should be easy for all.

If life or the ability to sustain life is directly observed by landing on a moving asteroid, would that be enough proof that your particular deity is not the creator, or will you find a way to justify it through your gobbledygookbook?

Is the possibility that asteroids can carry life over millions of lightyears so far fetched? One world out of massive amounts of goldilocks planets, being struck by the bees of the universe at the right time… 

Even if they don’t, it’s but a single asteroid. Frozen in space, thawed on re-entry, distributed through the explosion, makes one wonder at least…

And for the conspiracy theorists out there:
Is such a discovery epic enough that the American government (NASA project) will hide the discovery to keep balance in the world? Or perhaps capitalise on the chaos?

Anyway, entertained my mind for a while, maybe it will yours too.