Is the invasion of our privacy really a feminist issue?

Jose H. Christo, what a way to start a week. Yes, the politically correct among us woke up this morning and they all got politically-correct-clit-boners (or boner-clits if you please) when they saw what has been coined, “The Fappening” by civilians of the internet. What started out as privacy issue, has drawn feminists in like a moth to a flame, or Americans to shark week. If you aren't an internet fiend like myself, you might not know what is going on, so let me tell you.

Someone, somewhere seems to have hacked into some private server somewhere containing photos of a few female celebrities (although there is a particularly naked man-ass in some of the leaked Kate Upton pics) like Jennifer Lawrence, aforementioned Kate Upton, Yvonne Strahovski, Kirsten Dunst, Teresa Palmer, Krysten Ritter and Victoria Justice.

I’ll be honest with you; Jennifer Lawrence looks good in those photos. She’s hot. I won’t share these pictures, but once on the internet and it’s always on the internet. That means from the moment you take that photo, to you sending it via the internet, the cloud, Dropbox, it’s on the internet. The internet is everything but private. We can use this lack of privacy to our advantage, to prevent pain and suffering, to bring corruption to light or to do harm. This occurrence reaffirm that everything you put out there can be accessed, by someone somewhere and therefore moved to a new location that might not be behind a password. If you are famous on the Jennifer Lawrence level, those pictures will spread like wildfire if it gets into the hands of one fuckhead.

Our privacy has disappeared, and we just accept it

Still, I looked at the pictures. Does that make me a misogynist, a sexist, a pervert? Some have even said that viewing these images is an act of sexual violation. Am I a pig for thinking that Jennifer Lawrence naked is sexy? No. But I did look at the pictures, and that is an accepted invasion of ‘privacy’. And every one of us that looked at those pictures are guilty of that. Maybe we should make people aware that as cool as GPS in your phone is, it also means that you can be found for both good and nefarious reasons. Your information can be stolen and used against you.

What I don’t understand is why this has now become a feminist issue. Was Jennifer (or any of the other women included in ‘The Fappening’) forced to take these pictures against their will? It certainly doesn't seem that way. In fact Kate Upton has made a pretty decent living from showing off her unbelievably sexy body with very little clothes on. Yet, she didn't want those picture to be displayed in public, but we've accepted and given permission for other entities to access the device where these pictures are stored.

We should ignore the flaky feminists

It’s like rust constantly looking for a crack in the amour, but the rust seems to forget about the mace that is repeatedly bashing into the other side of the shield. When this ridiculous metaphor gets dissected into non-truths and fiction, you will get my point. This is why I distance myself from feminism, which then leads to flaky feminists and White Knights saying that I do not want equal rights for women. It’s a never-ending battle, against not being a feminist, not for the equal rights of women.

We should be ignoring the flaky rust, because even though there is a lot of it, it can hardly do anything and it just looks bad on the bigger picture of the shield. It’s annoying.

The one thing we should take from The Fappening

If you take a sexy picture for the one that you want to get sexy with, make sure your face is not in the picture. For every thousand people that know who you are, this rule should become exponentially more important. There might be pictures of my dick all over the internet, but it’s going to be hard to identify me by my dick pics.

But be aware that any pictures you take are in some cases immediately uploaded to the internet. Photos of your naked self, photos of your children, photos of the places you visit. Some of these photos might even be tagged with the location the photo was taken. And all of this can be used against you. This is a reality that we have to keep in mind.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my wife just sent me a picture of her wearing some new lingerie. I can’t see her face, but I’d recognize that hot body anytime of the day or night. Especially if it was sent from her number.