Is there a God?

This burning question is as old as the ages, and no one individual should ever be able to convince the rest as to the validity of either pole of  the argument of where the real truth lies.

Truth in itself is known to all of us only in what we have personally experienced, and thus we know it to be an indisputable fact, or else we cannot say we know it to be true. Up until that point it remains merely speculation and one of an infinite number of possibilities.

And by inference if there is a God we would then have personal knowledge thereof within us and the fact that we don't know the answer suggests that we haven't really looked for it.

It is an obvious conclusion that if you do not search for a thing it is unlikely that you would ever find it, although there exists the possibility that one might be fortunate enough to stumble upon it, but then so much the better.

The evidence that would prove the existence of a God would be to find the Spirit of God that is claimed to exist within us.

And if indeed there existed a Spirit within us, then one could conclude that if we searched for it long and hard enough we would eventually find it. But we would only find it if we looked for it within, for that is where it is claimed to exist.

And since nothing is accomplished by doing nothing then anyone who really wishes to know the answer would need to learn to explore the world within themselves in order to conduct their search.

Knowledge is to be found in information, and information abounds in the modern world. Some of it holds a measure of the truth, and some of it holds none at all. In order to discover the truth we need to test what we find within ourselves, and we cannot judge anything we find until we put it through a process of vigorous testing to ensure the quality of the result.

What we can expect to get out should be no more that what we are prepared put in, and so ultimately one would need to decide how much value the answer has, and that will be the force that drives the quest - if indeed it is to be taken up at all.