Islam - the New World Order?

(I feel this is quite topical, News24.  I might consider a rewrite or change of topic then)

I’m totally appalled by the recent range of savage attacks carried out by ISIS across Syria and Iraq.  Is such reproachful brutality perhaps inherent in the religion of Islam?

Despite the peaceful majority of Muslims around the world who take their life-instruction from the Quran, claiming that Islam is a religion of peace, history teaches us that heinous crimes have consistently been committed in the name of that religion.

Even the prophet himself, atop a rabid camel, rode with his marauding hordes into Mecca, where butchery of the masses was the order of the day.

Now that’s not to say those pesky ‘Meccanese’ didn’t have it coming, if I understand the spat correctly, but the gratuitous flailing of thousands of Persian sabres as heads rolled, doesn’t exactly speak of a peaceful entry into the Holy City.

Perhaps it was a case of horses for courses, given Mo’s task at hand, but from then till now, history is speckled with acts of violence and brutality by these so-called extremists.

And this brings me to a developing story playing out in Iraq's Sinjar Mountains where tens of thousands of non-Muslim Yazidis have taken refuge, hiding for their lives from surrounding Islamic ISIS rebel fighters hell-bent on separating heads from torsos.

We know that US special forces have been deployed to ‘assess’ the situation and as per usual, not a single world nation is taking the situation seriously, a situation that might very well escalate into a full blown genocide in the coming days.

I’ve perused maps of the area and it seems that this ‘Islamic State’, as claimed by ISIS, is growing daily - spreading actually, faster than its infectious counterpart across West Africa.

What’s concerning is not the spread of Islam, but rather the spread of militant extremist Islam, now in the form of ISIS who already control a large majority of the region between Iraq and Syria.

Is this the New World Order?