It takes more faith to be an atheist

The newest statement of faith from the believers is that it takes more faith to be an atheist than they have. I think this is just a variation of Pascals wager, because going into the statement, it's one of two things they can be concerned about.

Mostly when questioned they will argue that there is no "real evidence" for evolution. At this point you may as well throw your hands up in awe and walk away. The fact is that there is only one cure for stupid and that is death. We are by law and by a deep sense of inner morality precluded from just shooting anyone with the brain power of a dead chicken, so walking away is the only real option.

You see no matter how much evidence you offer, it will never be enough to overcome, it's pretty and goddidit. It takes real courage for people with this mindset to even consider an alternative life view thus it will always take more faith than they have to actually start thinking.

The second alternative argument will be what if I am wrong, They get to lose nothing if they are wrong, Atheists lose the kitchen sink and all the cutlery. Pascals wager is just this, They live in fear just in case the alternative is wrong. Here is the thing if their God does exist and they only fear him in case the alternative is wrong, do you not think an omniscient being will see right through that?

But let's take this statement to it's full conclusion. Atheists must have more faith, right? Not so, First we would need faith to believe that their is a God. We can argue that there is no evidence of any God's, thus logically there may or may not be a God, evidence that there is no God is no more available that evidence that there is. Negatives are impossible to prove thus Russels teapot cannot be disproven, yet logically it makes no sense to believe in something that cannot be proven to exist. No faith required, faith however is required to believe in something with no evidence at all.

Already before we start looking at which God, we require faith that a God exists, the next question is which God, Christians have no faith in Odin, That must take dollops of faith, huge chunks, right? They don't believe in Vishnu, Amun Ra, Cthulu, even more faith required, Atheists don't need all this additional faith, we only need enough faith to not believe in something that presents with no evidence for it's existence. simple really.

Christianity needs more faith than I can muster, as well as Islam, and the other 3000 Gods man has known to have worshiped in his existence on earth.