Know who you are

One truth about life that I chose to believe came from Plato if not Socrates..that reality is actually what cannot be perceived by the eyes..everything tangible and conceivable visually is unreal and illusional. Then I came to understand that the things we so uphold and worship are only a distraction. The soul, which is the real attribute of a human being, knows what is real..and therefore thirst for it. That is why we forever feel so unsatisfied and in longing

We end up living to make money, pay debts, buy this by that..and we are never satisfied. That because material and money is deceivable unreal. You have it today, it is gone tomorrow. However what is real remains the same, your passion, your dreams, your visions.

I personally love art in all its form. From as young as I can remember I loved to make songs, to sing them, to write stories, to draw, to read good work, to adore artistic drawings and sculptures. That is the one thing that has remained constant in my life. When I changed forms from a child, to a teenager, to a woman..even to a mother, that one real thing didnot change. My passion and love for the arts.

And so at times I do believe that as Socrates said, if everyone of us could do what we have inside, a teacher teaches, a carer nurses, a singer sings, a poet writes, a writer writes, a composer composes, a lawyer defends, a pilot flies..that is, if everyone of us can follow our passions and use them as a gift to each other. Refuse to be distracted by the illusional materialistic world . Then everyone of us can fullfill our life purpose, there will be no wars and all the bad things that life has been tainted with....certainly we will know happiness!