MH17: Dirk Adriaensens BRussells Tribunal

In a recent interview a respected and credible individual, ( not a conspiracy theorist like me) , had this to say about the downing of the Malaysian flight over Donesk in the Ukraine.  

US arms, trains death squads as it desperately needs war :Analyst 

 "What's happened in Ukraine is really, really bad. You know that the first indications of research into the downing of the MH17 Boeing in Ukraine, was it was not brought down by a missile shelling. So these are European monitors that have identified machine gun like holes. And there is evidence of eyewitnesses that there were in fact two aircraft . So there are indications that there was a military plane who  has shot down the aircraft. So what we are having here, seems to be a provocation to start a war .. the whole world going to be on fire..."

So to all the "gutter press"propaganda media who screamed " Putin did it!" and all the other false accusations thrown at the man, as well as all the other false accusations thrown at the Republic of Donesk militia defending their own territory from the invading Kiev Junta who have been bombing them for weeks now destroying hospitals, schools and infrastructure as well as killing innocent people, I do believe apologies are in order. It was not a BUK missile.

As for me, and the insults that have been thrown into the comments section of all my articles, well... some of them are really, really, funny! It gave me a good laugh. Here are a select few that  I think need to be recorded for posterity: 

"Don't give the nutter more ideas."

 "Really dude, it must hurt inside that 'mind' of yours. I cannot recall a series of inane conspiracist postings than the shyte you unleashed on the rest of humanity. You are a joke."

"Why are you so hell bent on proving the Ukrainians did it?"

"Noting all of you conspiracy theories over the past few weeks, you either:

have too much time on your hands (Making up false references, or at best obscure references with no factual content.
Believe the Russians (and supporters) are pure as the driven snow 
See conspiracies under every stone, or
Have a serious problem

Either way, I suggest some serious counselling before you do something stupid...."

"..."poof go all of us" ...

Pity. They left YOU behind.
You REALLY should stop smoking your socks - it WILL kill you, you know?"

"You are the one making wild statements. Still no proof to backup your absurd claims? Didn't think so. You most certainly do not move on SIM, you have been harping on and on and on about this damn plane."

"And we know that the Plane In Ukraine was followed by two Ukrainian Jets." Really, where did you get this information , RT perhaps??"

"Simply Independent, ja seems as if your brain is independent of all rationale"

I rest my case.