MY Life

Why do you judge me? What gives you the right to think that you know me?  

Have you lived my life, walked in my shoes?  

Do you think that sitting on the outside, watching, makes you an expert?

Have you felt my pain, made my mistakes?  

Do you hear my thoughts, see through my eyes? I live my life, day by day, moment by moment.  

My heart is broken a thousand times a day, are you there for each one, do you see?

I live a million moments of joy, do you feel those?  

My life is made up of so many tiny little pieces of my past, my present and even my future and you think you know them all?  

Every second I live changes me in ways you cannot know or understand, yet you feel that you know me and can tell me where I went wrong, why I am the way I am.

MY passions, MY sorrow, MY mistakes, MY love, MY experiences, MINE!

Where were you when my mother died?

Where were you when my children were born?

Where were you when my heart was full of love?

Where were you when my heart was full of pain?

Where were you when I struggled with the hard choices?

I have lived MY life, not YOURS.

I will spend my life trying to understand me and hoping that it will help me understand you.

I have the RIGHT to judge MYself, to cry, to love, to make stupid mistakes.

I do NOT have the right to judge you, nor you me

Look at yourself before you look at me.

Think of the roads you have travelled

Then think again and feel the weight of your life

Why do you judge ME?