Mantashe should focus on the ANC and not the EFF!

The ANC’s Gwede Mantashe has had enough of the EFF, and he doesn’t mince his words. Mantashe raised concerns about the emergence of anarchy and an attempt by one political party to drive South Africa towards fascism.

Fascism is a movement that brought Adolf Hitler to power in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

A few days ago, the Turkish Prime Minister accused the Israelis of carrying out Hitler-like fascism in Gaza. Now we get it – fascism is the worst form of organized disorder and chaos.

Although Mantashe refrained and didn’t name the EFF, it was clear that his remarks were targeted at the party after they stormed the Gauteng Legislature in a protest against some of the rules of a few weeks ago.

The question that needs to be asked is whether Mantashe is right to compare the EFF to Hitler’s movement, or is he just panicking?

There’s no doubt that the EFF has been refusing to play by the rules since it entered Parliament and refuses to listen to anyone they disagree with. The methods that the EFF uses demonstrates a lack of ideas to say the least.

For a political party of young people, who are supposed to be thought leaders, walking out every time they encounter problems is nothing but the easy way out.

The EFF has taken the wrong route and young people need to start thinking straight.

That said, they should not be compared to Hitler. What the EFF is doing might not be the best strategy but their actions are defensible in a democracy.

It is wrong for Mantashe to label the EFF as fascist. Instead of accusing the EFF of trying to bring about a home grown Nazi-movement, Mantashe should rather begin to ask more serious questions about his own political party, the ANC!

Destruction of property by the EFF can’t be condoned, or any formation, but what needs to be asked is how the EFF continues to enjoy legitimacy?

Mantashe should rather ask why the ANC continues to lose legitimacy in the public eye while the party attained over 60% of the votes in the last polls?

The EFF has attained just above 6% of the votes but the party seems to enjoy legitimacy to challenge a party that has attained over 60% of the votes. This situation shows something strange to say the least!

It shows that electoral victory, seen in forms of the votes a party attains, doesn’t necessarily translate into popular legitimacy to make decisions and to govern the country.

The real issue that Gwede Mantashe should focus on is not the threat of fascism by the EFF but rather the declining legitimacy of the ANC in the public eye.

After winning the elections a party should carry itself in a way that deserves respect. Electoral victory simply is not enough to earn respect.