Mario Balotelli: Football’s Rockstar

Over the years there have been few players that have rocked the world of football like Mario Balotelli. Liverpool are now on the cusp of signing the player who is genius and lunatic in equal measure.

Balotelli’s on and off field antics have been well documented, and to give the less informed a taste of what the issue is, this is a man who drove straight past security and into a women’s prison. When questioned by the authorities, Balotelli simply stated as a matter of fact “I’m just taking a look around.”

Balotelli is a throwback in the mould of Paul Gascoigne or George Best, or perhaps even Diego Maradona at push. He is football’s latest rockstar.

Where the world of football, like most things, has gone all P.C., Mario Balotelli represents a sort of ‘Keith Moon’ figure – one who bows to no man and is master of his own destiny.

He may not have driven a Rolls Royce into a hotel pool like the late drummer from the Who, but he has thrown darts at a Manchester City youth player out of boredom. He also managed to crash his Audi R8 shortly after signing for City in 2010, while carrying £5000 in cash, and when he was questioned by the police casually stated “Because I’m rich.”

He is perhaps best known for setting fire to his own bathroom while playing with fireworks, only to score a day later in the Manchester derby and revealing a printed shirt with “Why always me?” on the front.

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