Mario’s here. Nothing else matters.

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The above title seems an apt proviso for this piece. Of course, there were other matters of some incident in the Premier League this weekend.

Saturday saw Chelsea come up against a surprisingly tenacious Leicester City. Admittedly, the outcome was all but written in the stars. You dont go up against one of the most expensive teams in the league at their home ground and expect it to be a doddle.

Doesnt matter.

Which brings us to Arsenal and Everton at Goodison Park, which started with Everton showing just why they will be a team to be reckoned with this year, only for the Gunners to fight their way back to a draw. I actually expected more of Arsenal, frankly. When you have quality like Arsenal have, not least Mezut Ozil and the much celebrated Alexis Sanchez, its fair to expect more from your team than 2-0 down at half-time. Perhaps Im being naive though. Anyone who watched Arsenal last season could comfortably look forward to them being 4-0 down at half-time. Arsenal are going to have to dig deep if they want to hoist the Fourth Place aloft at the end of the season.

Doesnt matter.

Manchester United drew against Sunderland. Some people (many of them doubtless Liverpool supporters) seem to be getting some joy out the ongoing tragedy at Old Trafford. Cant say I blame them. As a Liverpool supporter myself, Ive had my fair share of dirt thrown in my face by arrogant United supporters high off their clubs success.

It seems just that these fans, particularly the fair weather, plastic sort, get a chastening. And yet, even as a Liverpool fan, I cant bring myself to entirely revel in their downfall (I do revel in it for a bit though. As I write this, United are 1-0 down to MK Dons, a team I had not heard of till four hours ago). Its like seeing a once mighty Tiger detoothed, reduced to a shell of its former greatness.

With the Glazers, one gets the feeling that United are experiencing something akin to what Liverpool experienced with Gillett and Hicks, which was a bit like having Count Dracula in charge of a blood bank. By the end of their tenure, Liverpool was but a carcass, and its some minor miracle that the club is where it is today in spite of their mercenary efforts. United would be wise to cut themselves loose of these bloodsuckers before things get any worse. And as a Liverpool supporter, I know just how bad that can be.

Still, even as I dispense those kind words of advice, I still reserve the full force of my laughter for the fans, and let me tell you, its a wonderful thing to indulge yourself in.

But I digress.

Because none of this matters. Marios here.

He was there at the Etihad Stadium to watch his new club as they lost to his former club. I guess there’s some poetry in that. City didn’t seem to miss him while his new club would surely have welcomed onto the pitch then and there, with all his much renowned baggage in tow.

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