Money & life

Money, money, money can't buy happiness?
Think about this. Is this as true as we all try to convince ourselves?

Money, money, money can buy happiness! Think about this again. Where would we be without it?

Why has it come to this? Is it all about Money? Money for flashy lifestyles, houses, cars, things! Where are our minds? I can tell you, our minds are on money, money, money!   Sadly, it seems, money can buy happiness! Where would we be without it? No peace, discontent, unhappy!   Money can’t buy happiness...? Just think about this phrase. Many of us are on a constant search for happiness. We question the purpose of life and wonder why we struggle to find contentment. Our focus in the modern world seems to have shifted from needs to luxuries. Why are we not satisfied with our needs being fulfilled? Is true happiness found in a car or a diamond? Perhaps if we let go of things a little and grabbed a hold of truly living this life we could find some form of contentment. Many of us seem to be looking a gift horse in the mouth!! We are missing out on the truest, purest and most amazing gift we will ever receive on earth, the gift of life. We were all born with this gift. A gift that we should be using to the best of our ability. Materialism must not get the best of us! Surely, we, the human race, are beyond this foolishness. Why, oh why are we missing the point? What on earth is becoming of us?