Mr Zuma has a way

I am humbled to be one of South African who has observed a period whereby South Africa was transformed not to be a minority State but a democratic State. I don`t want to lie at that period I was not that much matured and expose to many things that were taking place in this Land, but I still have a light although I was in rural areas. The signs were there and every single thing was clear.

I just want to take you back in pre 1994 period, there is a day where I was coming from the forest to herd the cattle, when I reach village everyone in the was so sad, I tried to ask what happened but no one was willing to tell me except my friend who just told me that Chris Hani have be assassinated, I felt the pain although I did not know much at that time but I can see that the man was the hope for the village.

During the period of 1994, if I remember that well I was 11 years old and I observed the every adult casting their votes with a smile and hope for the better future for them and their children. We all gathered in one house that had a colour TV when Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the President of South Africa, the joy the pleasure of satisfaction, tears of joy were shared final freedom that all South African were dreaming of was finally achieved.

I observed the rise of Thabo Mbeki, I also observed the fall of Thabo Mbeki.  I thought to myself during the fall of Thabo that really our democracy is maturing. But don`t get me wrong I respect Thabo for whatever decision that he has taken and I salute him.

I observed the rise of President Zuma, He took over as ANC President (ANC administration that recalled then decide to recall Mbeki) and that was the rise of the President. Not forgetting who assisted you it was the same Tokyo, Mbalula, Malema, Vavi that you have declared them to be your enemy.

The mistake that you have done is to wait for so long to have the Seriti Commission started to clear your name on arms deal which I personally believe is not clean. Sereti Commission was formed to protect you so that when you retire you could be able to enjoy your pension. Yes that was a smart move, the timing is wrong this move you  were suppose to do it in your first term as President of the Republic and seal it.

Instead you enjoyed the women and continue to make your hands dirty by renovation of your house you could have done than later with Presidential pension as all your wives will get it so why rush unimportant things.

You have sealed some oil deals of course indirect with the help of your nephew Khulubuse. Still in your first term you should have made it sure, you get best advise in the world on how to handle the spy tape.

I know in politics there are no permanent friends but that is not how things were suppose to be like for you because we both know that you relied on them in order to ride the ladder. Malusi Gigaba was not that much quite and at times ANC will call him to come and account and force or made him to apologies or change the statements that he has said about the leadership of ANC. He was never suspended or fired whatever language you want to call it.

Mbalula came in and he was one guy who will criticize public the then President of the country honorable Thabo Mbeki but he was never suspended or fired or axed whatever you want to call it. But we were only told is because he still young and learning.

Vavi has always enjoyed a freedom of speech but he was never sabotaged or be summoned to come and account in Chief Luthuli, but the alliance would call a meeting and discuss then resolve the issue. That was democracy. Cosatu criticize its alliance ANC.

Those are voices that you needed to keep within and always on your side. Yes they will always disagree with you because they always having different opinions, so let them raise those views take some of their complains or opinion serious and use them, not fight them ignore some of them because Vavi is communist and Malema is still young.

But always make them know that their views are important and their concerns will be addressed it might not be you but the future administration. Your mistake was to gun against them.

The second mistake that I don`t even know if you have advisors but if you have them they did not tell you. All politicians have to win the trust of people by promising some thing. Your promises were like a business plan that is being submitted to bank or a lender.

You can`t promise citizen a certain number of something whether is job, houses, money or what ever you are not GOD. Take it from Obama he never promised American a number of jobs or houses but a CHANGE. As to how do you measure a change is up to you but as a President even if you have made a change to one individual that is a change that you promised and you have delivered to your promise you did not lie.

Malema raised a very much important issue of Economic Freedom yes that was the truth you should have also used that as a tool to win the trust of South Africans you should have preached that in church and also in parliament. You should have praised him, not to discourage him.

You should have supported him not to work against him. All South Africans want a better living, a better economy. You should have directed all the resources of the state towards achieving that future goal. But instead you allowed your feelings about him to control you

No one can measure that within 10 or 5 years but 25 years. That`s how true leaders win the trust of their followers.

Mr Zuma the spy tapes will be handed to DA to analyze them and trust me they are going to make sure that they find something useful to bring you down.  As usual you could not and won`t be able to justify the spending in Nkandla. Malema won`t back off and he has won the support of much educated people and political analyst. The aircraft tender in defence force is going to blow you way once they start investigating it.

The downgrading of South African Banks you are quite and I understand because you don`t know what it means it means the economy is going down. Do you want all the future suffering of South African to be on your hands? The Seriti Commission everyday is proving not to be legitimate commission that is coming to you again. Marikana commission Mpofu is destroying your trusted comrades like ants.

As Shabir Shaik have done it, buy a good doctor to declare you health terminal, then go and sit home with MaKhumalo and enjoy your pension otherwise you will loose every sent of what you have sweat for or made yourself a joke for.

This is the falling of you (Mr President) accept and you will still walk away as a hero and you will receive the respect of Many South African. Walk away before is too late.