My Damn Woman!

Is there such a thing as “my woman”? Well yes there is. Did I take her independence away in the process? Maybe, but not without her knowledge or consent.

A relationship is judged by both parties equally on commitment, actions, trust, hope, potential, communication, history, to name but a few. And in stark contrast with how I feel about the word, I must now admit that it requires faith as well. So even the faithless has faith. Big deal.

There is still a big difference between my faith, and the implied lack of faith in my pseudonym. I have faith in something that exists in reality. Not the fantastical. Which I thunk is a very significant difference.

I was called out for commenting negatively on an article about women, an open letter to the sex. 

I took significant offence since I honestly worship the love of my life. BTW she was not the only one I worshipped, so I must admit I worship women in general, but more about this later...
Now I don’t mind being called out, but inspiration or motivation comes from weird sources… (and it’s women’s month after all)

Her Kimberlyness said: 

"Yo! Dr. Phil! See this as a guideline, not a freaking step by step how to treat 'your’ women (sic)... And while we are on the subject - she is not 'your’ women (sic), she is her own person. She belongs to herself. By classifying her as 'yours' you are taking away her independence. Just a thought.”

My love, with whom I’ve shared more than I care to share here, chose me. From the moment she laid eyes on me. Why I can honestly not tell you. I can guess, but I didn’t know then, and I don’t know know… especially now… 

Anyway. She loves me. Her choice. She is dedicated to me. Her choice. She is committed to me. Her choice.
So I will call her my woman, as a sign of respect, of pride, of love. 

And if you would like to tell me that I’m "taking away her independence” I would like you to tell me where her choice in this matter lies...

Now the love of my life is a fragile, caring, patient, sensual, empathic, gullible, loving, smart, nurturing, committed, hard working, sexual, intelligent kind of woman 100% of the time.

She is also a mamparra, irrational, illogic, excessively emotional, paranoid "en sy soek vir k@k" during the week before her curse. (as described by the book our xtian friends use)

During the curse she is quiet, in pain and discomfort, and nobody knows this better than me, (except for her obviously) that is why I take this time to love and treat her extra hard. Patience, understanding, care, surprise, mental and physical distractions (snuggly cuddles)...

 Then when the curse has been temporarily cured, she wants to return the favour and I exploit the opportunity to “love” her extra hard, which she loves extra hard… win win…

So I live a 50/50 cycle. 50 love it & love it, 50 love it & live with it. (for the slow or anal ones, thats two weeks live with it, two weeks love it…)

Unfortunately she cannot share her interpretation of my cycle with you, but I’m 100% sure and openly admit that it is significantly worse than what I have to deal with. (something like 20 dashing, 80 d00s…)

So why all this personal info? Because I know. I know her. I know what she will do in a given circumstance as much as she knows what I will do. I live with her imperfections as much as she lives with the exponentially worse shortcomings I have. And as much as we have the ability to surprise, our ability to gel lies in the fact that we know what each other will probably do as well as our ability to then deal with those actions.

Bottom line:
I love my woman. I love her through good behaviour and bad. Just like she loves me through good behaviour and bad.

She can can be every colour of the most beautiful rainbow, when and where she chooses. I am mostly the dark and heavy clouds, but still a necessary part in creating the rainbow. She chose me as much as I chose her. I am as dependant on her as she is on me. I have surrendered to her as much as she has surrendered to me. I dominate her as much as she dominates me, I submit, she submits. Relationship.

I want to tell my woman, and all the other women out there:
You are amazing! Without you my life would have been empty and boring. (yes, all of you!)
You fill our (manm0nkeys) reality with beauty, with emotion, with love, with care, with patience and perspective.
You keep us motivated, you inspire us, you back us up and call us out.

Since you come from venus and made such a great impact here on earth I must admit, I am truly impressed, even though I don’t understand you, I know you, I love you and will worship you simply because you deserve it!

And if your man does not worship you, “off with his head!”

Happy women’s month!