Open Letter to Women

I sometimes wish women knew how divine, beautiful and worthy they are. A week ago while driving to work, I was listening to the Highveld team breakfast show. I stumbled upon a part where a lady calls in to be assisted to trace a guy she had been on a first date with and disappeared afterwards. So the story is this lady went on date with this guy and after the date, the guy went missing in action, this includes not calling the girl and not returning her calls and ignoring her sms. My first reaction to all this was does she really think the guy died after going on a date with her, God can’t be that cruel, and even if he died, which does not necessarily mean God is cruel; this would have really been the exception and not the rule. The truth is this guy is not that into this lady and clearly this lady is either an eternal optimist if she sees this otherwise or she is just too hungry for love.  In that moment I asked myself why is it that women repeatedly allow themselves to be treated like this. I therefore decide to write the 4 things a women should remember about life as a refresher course to remind ladies to remember their divinity and own their worth this women month.

About Relationships: The truth about life is that we have something divine called instinct and instinct always knows the truth and when we fail to listen to our instinct we end up thinking people we went on first dates with got kidnapped by aliens when in fact they are just not interested. If someone likes you, they will show you, if someone loves you they will show you and with their actions, instinct will also be sending you messages. Iyanla Vanzant in her book Until Today says we have both conscious and unconscious relationships with people we engage with; you can always tell what is happening even if there is no proof to substantiate. So with this said, women should learn not to pardon poor manners and make excuses for allowing themselves to be doormats in the name of love. Love inspires, protects, nurtures, respects and encourages anything short of this is a waste of your time. We should also remember that we teach people how to treat us, if you are going to hunt a guy who does not call you after a first date to persuade him on a second date, you are setting yourself up for an empty relationship. I also think it should be part of the female curriculum to ensure that all women watch the movie He is just not that into you latest by age 11.

About the women you are: Listen lady you are perfect just the way you are, stop defining beauty accordingly to magazines or the society. If you are not going to appreciate the beauty, perfection, divinity you are, you are in big trouble because no one is going to endorse you. Love yourself first and you will attract love into your life, appreciate yourself and you will attract both people and situations that appreciates you. You decide on your worth, promise to remember that you are priceless

About all the atrocities that steal a women’s peace: Yes there is crime, abuse, rape, there are hijackings, women are kidnapped, but we cannot allow this to make us live in fear. The thing about fear is that whatever you fear you attract, not saying that these things happen to people who attracted them, but saying let’s be positive regardless. The wonderful thing that I have also discovered is that God loves women so much, if we can all make it our business to pray against these things, but be mindful that the law of attraction does not recognize words like No and Not e.g. Instead of saying God let there be no rape, rather say God let there be Love, let there be Peace, let Kindness rule your people, their hearts and minds. If we can as a community of women pray faithfully like this, I know things will change

About women’s day concerts that will be happening: Nothing upsets me more that concerts that takes place on August, you will find artists who have not released albums since Jan Van Riebeeck landed at the Cape, coming to SA all in the name of serenading women. These artist, Keith Sweat for example, will come here, ladies will pay to attend his concert and when they get to the Dome, guess what, the artist will do 30% of the singing at the ladies who are supposedly celebrated will do the entire singing. This cannot be self love; you go to a concert to get the artist to sing for you, not the other way round. So ladies, beware of these little acts that diminishes your worth, rather get yourself another pair of shoes or invest in Satrix

You were born to laugh, to learn, to teach, yes at times you will make mistakes and be in a relationship that does not honour you, but let it be the first and the last one. May you always remember that there is a divine purpose to your creation; be beautiful. May life caress your beautiful face with countless reasons to laugh. Honour yourself, love yourself and be open to the joy that is within you and around you. Happy Women’s Month.