Open letter to Saturday Star

It is with great sadness that I write this letter. What was once an honour has now become something I will be ashamed of, all because parents do not know how to raise their children with morals and respect.

I am a past learner of Mondeor High School. I am the person I am today because of the impact that teachers such as Mrs. Nicolaou had and still have on my life. The woman who I have known and loved since 2007 has been called the most horrid things in this world. A living angel has been called the complete opposite by parents who do not teach their children that there are consequences to misbehavior. If Mrs Nic was indeed a racist would I or any other accomplished black student still be going back to Mondeor High School to assist this so called racist?

I wonder if the journalist who wrote the article about the racist principle understands the English language. Blackening the school’s name means exactly that. It is bringing the schools name into shame. As far as I understand that has no implication to race. Whether those children were black, white, green or yellow they behaved like hooligans and should therefore be treated as such.

The incident that took place at Mondeor High School is something that children decided to do. This incident goes against the code of conduct of the school. These children were suspended and disciplinary was held on 31 August. I attended this hearing as my sister in currently in matric and all I heard were parents who “love” their children too much for them to teach them that for every action there is a consequence. What kind of generation are we breading when we as adults condone the pushing and shoving of an educator, spraying her with pepper spray and throwing flour in her face.

We cannot allow a couple of rotten potatoes to bring down the reputation we worked so hard to build. I stand by the school and especially it’s principle. I urge the class of 2014 to show the media what we Mondeor High School pupils are made of. This matter is in your hands and the only way you can shine some light on this matter by proving to everybody that Mrs Nic is indeed one of the best and most loving educators there is. Go out there and get 100% pass rate! Do it for Mrs. Nic.