Oscar Pistorius: The circus

In my opinion if South Africa wanted to demonstrate it's capacity to deliver justice & it has failed miserably. I can perfectly understand that with OP being the only witness that it was difficult or impossible to convict him of premeditated Murder. Howerver When you shoot through a closed toiled door with Ranger type 9mm ammunition & have been trained in the use of firearms, you know that 4 bullets are almost certainly going to kill the person behind the door.Oscar himself referred to the effect of this type of ammunition as "Zombie stoppers" & therefore cannot pretend he didn't know. Nothing in the manner OP has behaved or explained convinces me that Reeva Steenkamp's death was an accident. Reeva Steenkamp simply disappears from the moment he tries to convince the court & the world that he believed there was an intruder. Despite Gerry Nell's efforts OP always manages to be deaf,blind, looking in another direction, or to have an excuse as to why he didn't check to see where Reeva Steenkamp was. OP's retching didn't covince me either & I think that it doesn't take much self esteem to wipe you nose, unless of course you need to give the court & the World the image of a man upset by what he had done in a moment of fury & this attempt would perhaps have worked better if in contrast to this  OP hadn't been quite so composed when he needed to consult Barry Roux or concentrate on the unfolding Trial.

I do not believe even for a second that there was no verbal communication between OP & Reeva Steenkamp & think that he adjusted his aim in relation to the noises & the voice of Reeva Steenkamp behind the toilet. In regard to the Whatsapp message that Reeva Steenkamp sent OP where she tells him she is at times afraid of him speaks volumes about OP, even if it doesn't make him a Murderer at least it  has the merit to reveal a rather controlling & unkind personality behind the gloss of his Charity event profile. I do not doubt that the Pistorius family need to keep up appearances for the Public & in the social circles that they move in & have used their influence. I found the hugging, kissing & hand holding between OP & his Family nauseating considering that  Barry & June Steenkamp were present & who's Daughter died under a volley of Black Talon ammunition that tore through her body.

I find Judge Thokozila Masipa's verdict subjective & complaisant towards OP. I find she contradicts a number of observations that she has made. I find the "Carefully chosen" 5 year sentence fails even to correspond with the verdict she gave. I think to defend Judge Masipa, that she must be under a huge amount pressure from the South African Public, the Pistorius's & that coupled with the threats she received can explain the rather nuanced summarythat she gave. I can well understand that OP through his exploits was adopted in the minds of many South African Families & that as with the Pistorius family itself difficult or impossible in some minds to  now disavow this fallen hero. In my mind & from what I understand Justice hasn't been delivered from a Juridic point of view. However I believe that time will deliver its own Justice.

One last point :- I know beauty is a very subjective thing but I live & am married with a very beautiful young lady here in Paris France & if I had killed her (or anyone else for that matter) by accident, I would have be so devastated that I would have turned the gun on myself!!! This Trial was nothing other than a Mediated Circus that failed to address the crime committed against Reeva Steenkamp & her Family & to quote Gerry Nell, was all about "Mr Pistorius".

My heart goes out to June & Barry Steenkamp who were the only one's to shine out of the shadows of this dark & sordid Jamboree disguised as a Trial supposed to deliver Justice!!! A Democracy is measured by it's independent & efficient Justice system & this Trial puts the projector on a South Africa that is still straining painfully to deliver equality, Justice.................... e.c.t. & we can only hope that the failed Trial will be the needed  catalyst to precipitate right minded Citizen's in South Africa to fight for a more performant Democracy!!!