Out with the Old Bull, in with the new?

Is this not the ideal time for the Blue Bulls to start fielding youngsters?

Looking at the log as it is, with the Blue Bulls on a grand total of 6 points at the halfway point of the Currie Cup Competition, even the most loyal Blue Bulls supporter would have to concede that chances of reaching the playoff stages of this years’ competition is, well “unlikely”.  No doubt that everyone has their own opinion on why the team is performing so poorly.  A combination of players not taking responsibility for their performances on the field, a none existing game strategy from the coaching team, and apparently a constant infighting in the boardroom, surely has to affect any team in a negative way. 

Granted, I would be one of the first to suggest taking a good, long, hard look at the coaching element of the team.  Look at the facts, the Bulls achieved next to nothing during the Super Rugby competition and they were accused of playing outdated, predictable rugby…..so what has changed from Super Rugby to the Currie Cup?  Less than either of the teams, Bulls or Blue Bulls, have achieved in the respective competitions….in laymen’s terms then…nothing, nothing has changed. 

Sure the last game against an inform Western Province did go better than most expected, with some pleasing running and tactical rugby being played, but is was far too little too late.  So what to do now, fire the coach?  Maybe not just yet. 

Look, the Blue Bulls will not reach the semi of this years’ Currie Cup, at least it seems highly unlikely.  So make use of this “blessing in disguise”, the team has nothing left to lose, pick all the inexperienced, borderline youngsters.  Every season coaches moan about experienced players they’ve lost from the previous season, and how they have to incorporate young talent but keeping in mind that the youngsters need time to adapt and gain experience, so if the team fails to impress, well that is the reason why…”rebuilding phase”. 

Now the Blue Bulls have nothing to lose, so “rebuild” now!  As it is the Blue Bulls have a center pairing barely old enough to vote, two baby-faced fly-halves made their first appearances at Currie Cup level, a handful of forwards under the age of 22 and not to mention, a very exciting 20 year old at fullback……stick with them!!!

Frans Ludeke has the ideal opportunity to build his own team for the future.  Heyneke  Meyer did exactly that a couple of seasons ago and look at what that team achieved.  Yes youngsters will make mistakes, and because of that lose games….in the context of this season that won’t matter, besides if the Bulls win some silverware in 2 or 3 years’ time, nobody will remember the 2014 Currie Cup season. 

So please Frans, take the gamble and stick with the young, new players and let the old(er) guys warm the bench for the rest of the season, you have nothing to lose.