I still clearly remember the EFF chanting in Parliament – #PAYBACKTHEMONEY! Although it is not at all as humorous as I experienced, I give kudo’s to Malema and gang for the effectiveness of it in the situation. They were effective because Zuma was unable to appease them because he could and would not answer truthfully.  Having aimed this demand at the highest member of our society, this slogan must be directed to CEO’s, shareholders and corrupt businessmen too.

They were also effective because there was mass media to broadcast to the masses. The masses (me/you) were able to observe, form an opinion and comment. The not so recent uprising in Egypt were strongly instigated by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. There may not have been such a big turn out if there was not social media. 

www.PAYBACKTHEMONEY.co.za – a proudly South African product (copyright).

I suggest this site would focus on mass debt collecting in a different form. 

www.HelloJulius.co.za – compared to HelloPeter.com

Here people can voice their peeves in a public forum to Lord Wannabe Anarchist and expect an answer. 

This could be subdivided into many categories: HelloHomosexual, HelloZuma, HelloOscar, HelloDarkie, HelloPaleSkin – the list is endless. 

Society is chaotic because there is seemingly no control – no civil society to speak of. There are many mediums to undermine someone else. I use the word undermine because it is more prevalent than used as a tool for upliftment.

People want and deserve answers. 

The masses will be heard.