Poor Prof Tim Noakes

I really am starting to really feel sorry for Prof Tim Noakes.  

What started as him innocently discovering the nutritional answer to his own weight and health issues has escalated in a waging war!

I can’t help but wonder if it has all just gone beyond his control and now there’s just no turning back for him?

I am personally on a “semi-Banting” diet and it’s working.  However, I’ve adapted it to suit myself and I’m certainly not in ketosis.  I have great admiration and respect for the Prof for making us think twice about what we eat and leading us to curb our processed carbs and sugars.  I also agree that there are more good fats (and that they are beneficial!) then what we were previously led to believe.  I have introduced copious amounts of eggs and moderately more avo’s into my diet.  I also use butter now in stead of margarine and I now hardly ever eat bread (used to eat 2 salmies a day!)

Everyone is quoting Tim Noakes but everyone is also doing their own thing.  Many are eating way to much protein - which is NOT what he advocates and others are just raking in the fats and NOT being led by hunger.

Why I feel sorry for him though is that he has always been an esteemed Prof at UCT and is probably very close to retirement.  He could gave gone peacefully as a sports science hero.  Now he is being fed to the wolves by his own peers and establishment and there will be no glory for him at his departure.

His recent tweet regarding vaccines and autism…..that is such a bad can of worms to have opened!  I suspect he was just trying to make a point regarding bad science but he chose the most controversial topic ever!  Now he is being even more slain…..and I must say I am a big pro-vaccinator.  it has taken years to almost overcome the autism fears.  No one needs for us to go five steps back on that one.  

All in all though, his reputation in academic circles may be questionable now but one thing is certain…. Prof Tim Noakes will retire as a household name!!