Proving the Catchphrase “Time = Money” Inconclusive and Misleading

This article is written by a young South African male in his 20’s that have in this short period experienced some ups and downs in life regarding financial situations. The reason I am mentioning my age is to show that if you open up your mind, no matter what age, you can change your situation just by simply switching 2 words in a catchphrase.

The catchphrase “Time = Money” is used by various business people, movies, and smart arses. However, the truth of the matter is that “Money= Time”

This catchphrase has been entrenched into the minds of almost everyone. Perhaps there are people who want you to think like this so that you can stay a robot and keep slaving away to make the rich, richer – and chances are you won’t even know you did, because the average person’s mind is blind to this reality. How many people have you seen receiving a pay check, spending their money on luxuries, and then 10 days into the month saying they are ‘broke’? Maybe you are one of them? It is obvious not everyone can be entrepreneurs or, wants to be entrepreneurs, for that matter but everyone can change their mind-sets so that life will actually have a reason to it. People spend 90% of their lives working. If you are miserable at work, that means you are miserable 90% of your life, meaning you have wasted 90% of your time that you have been given. What is life about then actually?

Let’s say for instance the average person works a calendar month for a pay check. That person exchanged his time for money. The average person will use that pay check to survive the next month whereas that money should be used to buy yourself more time via investing, buying shares, etc. If you open your eyes you will realise that you are supposed to start buying back time. What I mean by saying this is to retire younger, or enjoy more holidays and not slaving away just to be able to survive. You exchanged your time for money - your employer accepted your time as a currency. Meaning you have bought your employer more time.

Time is a currency, start accumulating this currency rather because it is the only currency that actually has value. Money will come and go, but time has a limit and there is only so much of it. Something very simple but hidden is that we chase money, but actually we are chasing time. The money you were chasing will be spent on creating greater memories, memories come from time.. Time spent with loved ones, travelling, etc.

The average Entrepreneurial mind set, even if they don’t know it yet is: “We are not in the business of accumulating money but accumulating time.”