Racial Discrimination even when renting?

Today i was shocked to find that many of the older generation is still extremely race aware. 

We are looking for new property to rent and found a beautiful house that seemed perfect. Upon contacting the owner he informed us that we should drive there and let him know when we arrived.

Once we arrived we phoned him. What happened next we did not see coming. He told us that unfortunately he does not rent property to "koelie's".

I am white. My partner is an Indian female. I asked him what is he implying. He said, that only white people have to capacity and capabilities to look after property and that Indian and black people are inferior to whites.

However he did not use the term Indian or Black. He used a derogatory K word.

I find it sad to a degree. But i think mostly it enrages me that someone could still be so narrow minded and racist in this time and age.

Personally its things like this that makes me wish we still lived in a time where you could assault someone without going to court.