Racial syndrome..a dividing line

The Race race issue

The issue surrounding the “black face” saga is not only about the students who performed such a controversial act that is embedded in most white societies of this country. It is about the balance of power, where the white races have to literally now succumb to the “uncertainty” of the black nation politically and socially, and the only way to voice that out is through mockery and subjugation of the lesser individual/s in terms of our socio-economic standards.  It has aroused a political debate that is long overdue, the racial concern that is subtle in this country has reached the saturation point where it can no longer be ignored, and that needs a quick solution before it erupts to uncontrollable proportions.

The problem lies in the long history of Colonialization, a phenomenon which inadvertently exults white people, and that subsequently has led to a notion to view themselves as the superior race. And now with the recent transfer of power and the government of black class, the “lesser human beings” is to them unperceivable and unprecedented.

It is the phenomenon of racial superiority, which emanates from the illusion that the Anglo-Saxon colonization of Africa was a “light” in the Dark Continent, where the colonialist’s found barbaric human beings who were in desperate need of being saved from themselves and the continent which they occupied. Cecil John Rhodes clearly articulated this point when he said, “I contend that we are the first race in the world and that there more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. Just fancy those parts that are at present inhabited by the most despicable specimens of human beings: what an alteration there be if they were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence”.

The notion of white civilization has created an egoistic attitude which inadvertently ascribe oneself as superior to the other, whilst migration of Races to the African continent has brought complementing cultures and values which make up the rainbow nation.

It is that time that all people who belong in the Rainbow Nation of Southern Africa should adhere to the Constitution of the Country and acknowledge the Rights each other race; creed; ethnic group; culture and religion that we shall reach our full potential.

Without tolerance of each other and respect of one’s culture and race that are identically unique, we shall never be stable and successful politically; socially; culturally and economically. The race towards the balance of power is at stake and chaos will soon be the norm of the day, if all the Races continue with such transgressions, irrespective of the perpetrator/s.