Mr Premhid your article is very good but what I think about it in the world of Politics is that you really sound like a good Advocate preparing a case to defend his client. My learned friend let me just bring it to your attention that in Realpolitik is not about power but Diplomacy too. If you really want to know this theory then do not look any further than reading The Prince by Niccole Machiavelli. The President seem to be very conversant of the principles cited in The Prince, if we still remember during his battle for the no1 position with Mr Mbeki, he said, '' why do you continue kicking a dog even when is already dead". One thing you are wrong about is the associates of Zuma being entangled with him in the said allegations. Mr Premhid what Zuma is having is not just common criminals but ''The LAAGER''. You know how does the phenomenon works, it is when an encumbent in a position of power sorrounds himself with those of his clan or ethnic. Every leader wants to be surrounded by people that he can trust, to support my statement, I will take you back to the nomination of Premiers by which North-West Canditate was nominated after some loyalists of Msholozi thought it better to give the policy of 50/50 a chance by abdicating their positions in order for Supra Mahumapelo can be nominated. This could have been a disastrous move for Zuma if he could have allowed new people to come in the ''LAAGER'' without compromising his position.
What I really like with you article is the acknowldgement that Msholozi is not going anywhere you know why? It is because we the majority we like our music and our dance of which the President is greatly endowed with the skills in both of this. Ithink now you will understand ''UMSHINIWAME'' and ''INDE LE NDLELA E SI HAMBAYO''.