Reference: Notice of intention to resign from employment

Please note that I the undersigned herewith wish to inform you that it is my intention to on 15th February 2015, submit my resignation to the Department to terminate my employment.

I list herewith the reasons fundamental to my decision taken:

At the time of my employment within the ambit of the department, I enjoyed the following fringe benefits, which has since become conspicuously absent in my employment circumstances, in effect and in essence therefore having the implication that I am worse off in my present employment ambit, than what I was at the time of my contract of employment at the time of joining the department:

Ø  The medical aid benefit that used to be has fallen away, and has been replaced with a medical aid with very limited benefits, and exorbitant membership fees monthly;

Ø  The fact that uniforms now have to be purchased where previously it was supplied free as part of the employment contract;

Ø  The promotional policy within the department has been removed, and a vacuum now exists on any promotional opportunities;

Ø  Overtime payment is being made contrary to labour laws and regulations at rates which does not conform to the required compensation for work done;

Ø  Weekend work and compensation therefore has been drastically changed to the detriment of all those affected by it;

Ø  The Department continuously amend and change employment conditions without any consultation with the representative unions and or employees;

Ø  The Occupational Safety Dispensation payment due to employees have been put on the back burner;

Ø  The total due to employees in respect of overtime amounts to billions with the department making no effort in compensating employees for the work and time spent.

Ø  A vacant position of Deputy Director Co-ordinations existed within the carceral ambit of Johannesburg Medium B Correctional Centre, for which my experience in terms of the requirements sufficed. Amazingly the position was never advertised and applicants that applied for a position within Medium A were shortlisted for interview for a position that they did not apply for. This in effect resulted that suitably and qualified staff were deprived of ever being considered, shortlisted and or interviewed for the vacant position. My twelve years of experience and promotional career path with the Department therefore ignored.

As a compromise I wish to advise that I am prepared to return to my employment and contract with the department after I have been paid out my pension benefits, which treasury is of the opinion to amend my right of access to it, after 01st March 2015.

My reemployment would be beneficial to the department as my vast experience and training that I have had during the spectrum of my term of employment cannot be replaced with any new individual.

In essence more and more of the existing benefits are being changed, and I feel that I am no longer in control of my destiny and what is due to me in terms of my employment contract.

Trusting that this drastic action would not be necessary and that the Department would introduce ameliorated remedial action to correct the current wrongs.