Religion is now boring

For the second time this week I was in a bus where suddenly someone starts singing and than preach. First of all last week a woman started singing also and preach, without a bible. and this week twice the bible was opened, by two different people. Are we really to be fed religion wherever we go whatever we do? I wouldn't mind a person coming into the bus and sells bibles, just like i don't mind someone coming in and start selling tobacco or lollipops.
I think we are old enough now to know what religion to adopt 0r  why we are not into any. I think we all sat down, looked through the alternatives and finally chose our ways regarding religion. Hence I personally find offense in someone coming into a public place and tell me I'm wrong and he/she is right.
I'm not Christian, Hindu, Islam, Traditionalist, in fact I'm not into any religion. Whenever, if ever, I decide to be religious, I would it to be on my own terms, not because someone is telling me I will burn in hell or my ancestors will make the lives of my loved ones a living hell.
thank you for reading.