Response to 'The Satan Project' by ThinkingApe

He says, "Most devout Christians here on MyNews24 claim to have experienced the presence of God.  This is an experience I have not had, perhaps that is why I am a skeptic."

Here is my response to his post and I will start by saying this, “When a lie never goes unchallenged it eventually becomes the truth.”  Most so-called devout Christians today are but that, devout to their various and different mistaken faiths, for the Truth which God speaks about has, as yet, not set them free!  They remain trapped in their thoughts, doctrines and sins and have no idea how to get them sorted once and for all. So, because of this Satan comes to them dressed as an angel of light, and he gives them these emotional experiences – it’s a very, very powerful deception. And, they embrace this lie which eventually becomes the truth to them.  Anyone challenging them about this deception will receive much rebuttal, anger and resentment, and so, they display what lies in their hearts, all these sins as described by Jesus in Mark 7:20-23 of which defiles them.
We are dealing here with spiritual matters, it’s not a natural thing from a secular mind or any human experiences.  Therefore, if you are but a spectator and a skeptic one to boot, all you can do is make a lot of noise, but never will you do your own homework by looking into Gods Holy Word to find out how to be set free from all your sins, which eventually, you will be judged for them - no escape! – Romans 6:23.

Here is the Truth, this truth that has set me free!
Faith is believing the Word of God just as it is, it’s not related to your feelings, or any other experiences as advertised by some 'devout Christians.' Your feelings are manifested out of your flesh. Whatever starts stirring in your heart, like your feelings, is not important. The important thing is for you to believe the Word of God. God is the Word. And believing the Word of God - is believing Him. Depending on your feelings and emotions is the deception of Satan. How can the flesh produce good feelings before God?
Did you know that your feelings and emotions are part of the flesh? Satan also knows this and will always try to destroy the children of God by deceiving them to depend on their emotions and feelings that changes every day…which is totally unreliable.
These are all the schemes of Satan. He is the accuser of the people who believe in God. He wants to destroy Gods creation, and uses them as pawns, and when he has no more use for them, he utterly destroys them.
Therefore, all we can do is to stand firm on the Word of God which is the truth.

Satan is very much alive today busy destroying Gods people. We see him working in SA through his agents, also in Iraq working in his IS agents to name a few. Only the blind and ignorant will argue this point, and its a futile exercise trying to speak to them for their minds are stuck in the mud of humanism.