Save our rhinos, we have the master plan

We, my husband Andrew and I was chatting last night and came up with a new plan to save our Rhino population and other endangered wildlife.

Not poison the horns, but a tracker device in them and using one drone (it will be one per 2 hour cycle while the others will recharge) per animal. So that in case the horn will be removed by a poacher it will be still be able to track them which hopefully save the animal in the first place from being killed and the anti-poacher units will be able to react quickly as well, as they will be able to monitor the animals on a 24/7 basis.

Sure it will cost some money to do so, but is our heritage to our wildlife worse the money this operation will cost?

We would like to assist in this project as much we could do, as my husband Andrew is a senior programmer and I will be able to help with the monitoring work as the project hopefully will be go ahead.

We many need some donations from some big companies and it would be nice if all off you would come and help us to get this project up and running.