Save our women and children!


I've started the petition "The South African Government; the President and Ministers of Women, Police and Social Development: Break the Silence" and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:

Here's why it's important:

Dear Mr President,

I write to you as a daughter,  sister,  aunt,  wife and a proud South African woman. 

I write to you on behalf of every silenced victim of violence and sexual abuse. 

You see Mr President, every abuse case which is not followed by correct procedure; every police officer who accepts a bribe of silence and every attorney, whose fees are out of reach, silence our survivors. 

You held Interfaith meetings and sympathised with the families of boys who were tragically and violently taken from this world. I thank you for this ... but  what about the rest of the tragedies, the stories which do not make the front page or International headlines?  What about the cases which are not reported because people do not have faith in the justice system?  What about the little girl who is abused by her paedophile father who escapes prosecution and walks free to harm other children?  What about the woman who is gang raped, while taking a walk on the beach, and then subjected to inefficient police investigation and drawn out court cases ultimately, only to see justice not being served?  What about our constitution and the right to feel safe?

Many women and children are lost in this failing system, the system of a government who seems uncommitted to protecting the most vulnerable in our society.  Mr President, we are losing the women and children of South Africa!

I want to live in a country where I do not become a part of the national statistic of one in every three women being raped.  I want to be heard and counted.  I want to be confident that when I report a crime, the dockets will not mysteriously disappear, and the suspect will be arrested, tried and convicted if found guilty.  I want to feel confident that the state has the capacity to protect the best interests of every South African child and I want to be sure that all state employees have been appointed on merit, thereby ensuring their capability of fulfilling their job description.

A minimum of 45,000 women and child rapes are being reported in our country monthly. This does not address those going unreported.  South Africa is in a state of crisis! I therefore appeal to you.  Break the silence of the women and children of South Africa.

I ask that you:

1.      Address the issue of incompetence within the South African Police Service by ensuring they are fit and proper for their role. Provide adequate training and implement accountability measures.

2.      Consider the Bill of Human Rights and ensure that every employee within the state judicial sector does so too.  Consider the basic right to safety and address the issue of noncompliance within this regard. Implement a strategy whereby the almost non-existent conviction rate of paedophiles and rapists increases. As it stands today there is absolutely no deterrent for perpetrators.

3.      Address the issue of the National Sex Offender Registry and ensure that it is utilised as was intended.

4.      Instigate change. Spearhead a changed and improved attitude toward the protection and safety of South Africa’s most vulnerable.

Mr. President. Anyone can talk but it is no longer about what you say. It is only by taking action that things will change. I say, on behalf of every silenced victim of violence and sexual abuse, enough is enough!  Will you continue to be silent and participate in silencing the women and children of South Africa, or will you take a stand and break the silence?

You can sign my petition by clicking here.

Roxy Meier