Science of languages, the fingerprint of God.

It is said that there are 6909 different languages including dialects. Apparently over 2000 of these languages are spoken by less than 1000 people. Hundreds of languages are disappearing as we speak.It is said that half of the world speaks 13 different main languages and the other half accounts for the thousands more.
But who created this diversity on earth? How is it possible that each nationality has a different language and how is it possible that the same nationalities have numerous up to hundreds of different languages?
Language is not man made. If it were, how could it be possible ?How was it possible that a few thousand years ago, the mighty Egyptian's, who ruled over the Jewish nation, allowed them to keep their own language?
French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Russian, English.
My small brain struggles to identify the how we on earth have so many languages. Preserved and matured. 
Yet, non of these differences hide the common language we all have deep inside of us, the language of what is right and what is wrong.
Scientists have their moments where they impress us with their space travel, advances in medical science and their nuclear bombs. But can any scientist explain the divine entity of languages?
I guess some things are explainable, but do we really understand matter such as ;
1) How does precipitation really work ? It is all good and well knowing that vapour is lighter than air and rises. But what really amazes my small brain is this. A litre of water weighs 1 Kilogram.For every rain you see, there is thousand upon thousand of kilograms of water that was somehow neatly suspended in the air, and then falls in such a manner that is mind boggling. Yes, it formed a different state and found weight when each drop formed but it is rather amazing what created all that! 
2) Moving and turning of our planet and all the others too.This is an absolutely amazing phenomenon we are all part of. What keeps this heavy earth moving and turning so perfectly around our sun? Have you ever played with magnets ? It is either attract or repulse , There was not much middle ground that I enjoyed. Its a rather powerful and harsh force. How amazing is this perfected system that we are part of ?
To think, our "clever' scientists have been privileged to put probes into space and witness thousand upon thousands of other planets, yet only here on small green & blue earth have we got seasons and a place to breath and drink water and enjoy degrees of sunshine. 
If that alone is not astounding then what is ?
3) Among the over 6500 languages we have many religions but can be broken down to the following,
- Those that are still waiting for the Messiah ( Jews and Muslims)- Those that follow false god's ( Muslims, Buddha, Hindu, Satanism etc)- Those that follow Christ. - Those that claim to follow Christ.( Greek orthodox, Catholic) Jehovah witnesses, Seventh day Adventist. NG kerk,many religious cults, some spiritual healers and many many self claimed prophets.- Evolutionists (Many many many many confused people that do not know who they are and where they are going.)
4) Love, Kindness, empathy, Joy, sorrow, Grace, pain, laughter, memory, regret, conscience, Forgiveness, understanding and wisdom. 
These things are unexplained and no man made any of these things, they do not come from some evolutionary process, 
If there is one language, it is the language of what is good and what is not good.
Technology is not man made, it may be made with mans interest and input, But all of it is God inspired. There is a divine purpose to connecting the world. There is a predestined decision made long ago that we all on earth can communicate.
I hear they teaching evolution now at school?
Yikes !!!