Scientology - The new SCIENCE

Scientology - The New Science

All the debating between Creationism vs. Science. Now I give you the third factor, Scientology or Science v 2.0.

So Scientology or The New Science as it may be called, what is it?

It began in the 1950s by a man named Ron Hubbard, (who sat in the cupboard, eating curds and whey).

He created a New Religion, called Scientology which is the only religion that actually allows you to believe in THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION or BIG BANG, modern science.

This scientology religion, it doesnt matter what God you believe in or what you dont believe in, as long as we all tolerate one anothers views, religious or atheistic and that our views (if religious) are kept private to ourselves, like using the toilet.

Finally, a religion that is TOLERANT of others.

Scientology, The new science.


Martin Frank Marriott

My sheep shall hear my voice.