Shelter in South Africa

Our Homeless Shelter in South Africa

This project is vital in terms of events to unfold in South Africa within the next couple of years. We need to get it out there and be prepared for the worst. Currently the South African economy is in a bubble which is set to burst sooner or later.

Never before has social unrest been at such an all time high and with all the industrial action taking place the toll will be felt soon enough. The people on street level are becoming more despondent by the hour as sharp rises in fuel prices and flailing infrastructure plagues this country and its people.

The high prices of commodities and goods and the total disparity between rich and poor the have and have nots increase daily.

Crime levels are soaring and. School children run riot in the streets looting and pillaging shops as they go on the way to some protest action.

Draconian labour legislation being passed and the coming property laws in terms of foreign investment is set to aid in chasing investment of billions of dollars away. Just when the world thought apartheid was a thing of the past it is being reversed. Legislation has been passed making it very difficult for companies to employ Europeans. The current outcome to people is devastating beyond. Daily people are losing their jobs then homes and soon credibility and total decline in morale takes place.

Not as many jobs are being created as claimed in fact the economy is shrinking slowly and the ongoing labour unrest does not do much to improve this situation. Soon more companies will be pulling out of South Africa as in the past few years a number of companies have already moved headquarters out of South Africa.

The recent strike in the motor vehicle industry made sure that a few big motoring companies are packing up and leaving South Africa. International mining houses are on the way out also.

The bill being passed on foreigners in terms of land ownership is sure to see many more billions soon leaving the country as more investors pack up and leave.

The government is now in cahoots with the Chinese little do they realize that the Chinese intend bringing their own labour force along. It is known that the Chinese are extremely hard task masters that will surely not be standing for industrial action within its asset base. 

The impact all of the above actions is going to have on the citizens of South Africa is frightening. 

Therefore we are preparing for the worst and in doing so intend to create a space where a few people may find refuge and sanctuary in a safe place filled with love and joy.

Kindly visit us for progress in this important venture so we may showcase to the world how it can be done and 

So kindly share and care and let’s start making a visible impact and show the world can unite in a singular cause and by doing so may this project be the beginning of something huge and profound not just for the people of South Africa but the world at large.
Let us make the true legacy of the Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and everyone else who had a profound message in their hearts that got distorted along the way by people for their own means come to light. Let us slowly begin to build a world of peace one brick by one brick. Get rid of social injustice and corruption by taking back charge of our own destiny as dictated by universal law and application for the real good of mankind. Let us start looking out for our fellow man and assist instead of oppose where we can. May true unity be found in the God of our understanding?

At some point in time perhaps the people will realize that a government is elected to serve its people not to dictate and enforce undemocratic process.

The government is supposed to be in service of the people. I fail to see why people cannot understand this; yes correct they work for the people the people don’t work for them. They should be taking instructions from us not making and passing draconian laws. Spending billions of our hard earned money on unworkable technology such as expensive planes and submarines we don’t need as we not going to war soon. Spending billions of our money on toll roads we never asked for or approved by public vote.

They are not your boss. They don’t pay your salary unless you are employed by them.

Nowhere else in the world are things run this way where a government elected by people makes draconian decisions that cause for huge disparity and unhappiness for one group over another? Seem to run around with an open cheque book freely squandering billions of our hard earned taxes.The decision to build a stronger alliance with brics countries instead of the west is beyond me as communism and socialism is a failed concept so why try and implement failed strategies because of an allegiance to these countries for assisting in the end to apartheid .Why do they want to side with Palestine and make enemies with the west?Do they infact realize that if trade partners start waking up and also pull out as the rest of the world is slowly doing this country is doomed if it is already not.South Africa has nothing to do with the Gaza conflict keep our noses out of other peoples wars and build this country don’t break it down for the sake of those that will one day inherit it.Give the children school books and teach them properly stop lowering the standard of education and the pass rate turning children into zombies running through the streets looting peoples shops.Turn prisons into labour camps and set an example in having them clean the streets and doing the much needed road repairs by pick and shovel.Make people realize crime does not pay and if you do crime you will pay a high price.Pay the police a decent salary and carefully select them beforehand.