Sorry for you, Mr Basson

Mr Adriaan Basson could I say respectfully to you Sir, why are you interfering in the issues of the African National Congress, have we as Blacks ever questioned the deeds of the mighty National Party and please to let us go back to the era because to some of us healing wounds will be exacerbated by the pain of remembrance. The answer to my question is no but now let me be frank with you don't underestimate our mental capacity by disrespecting us we the faithful supporters of the ANC. For Msholozi to be the President of the ANC is not a mistake but a collective decision made by members the afore-mentioned mighty organization.Nothing that the President is doing that we can be said to have brought the ANC into disrepute. Mr Basson please leave matters of the ANC  to its constituency and we are capable of thinking on our own without your interference. The Baaskap mentality is still with you and you got the nerve of telling us how we perceive our President and let me once tell you dear Sir, Msholozi is not in that position because of some favours but because of his capabilities. You might have forgotten that we are speaking about a person that Tata Madiba regarded him highly as a comrade a negotiator. Let me remind you about his skills the Sebokeng massacares preFreedom day was spearheaded by Zuma. All those who tried to take him had done to their demise. If you want a list start with Mbeki, Vavi, Jordan and you next. Be warned because here we are talking about an ex-commander of the glorious Mkhonto we Sizwe. For you to compare Mbeki with Zuma shows how ill-informed you are about the ANC and it just comparing and apple with an onion. I will ask you to make yourself a favour and join the ANC and give us your opinions as a member of the organization because at this stage we cannot take heed of your noble utterances. Next time when your write anything about our beloved President you should tell us you a paying member of the movement which is a universal church.