Spring-A season to embrace true beauty

 Spring-A season to embrace true beauty

What do you see each time you take a glance of yourself at the mirror?  Do you see the real you, someone you desire to be or merely an ordinary human being.  Are you honest to yourself or are you not, and why is that so.  These may be the questions that you would rather ask yourself every time you wake up in the morning.

More often than not, there is no one who wants to acknowledge the negative side of what the mirror portrays.  Everyone likes to think and believe that they are hot, sexy, beautiful or perhaps admirable in a sense that the whole world stops and stairs whenever they make an appearance. 

Nevertheless validation seems to be what an individual seeks, either from peers or merely loved ones.  Because even though you may know that you look your best, you find that there is always room to embrace that ‘u look drop dead gorgeous’ compliment. 

However it is not a bad idea to feel thrilled when people take notice of your beautiful smile, your ravishing eyes or your captivating physic.  But it becomes absurd and brings no justice to yourself when at the end of the day you fail to be your own judge and always depending on other people’s sentiments.  Embrace your mirror and be reminded of the fact that there is no one who knows you better than you, you know all your flaws when you’re without your make up, you also ought to know which outfits does it or not for you.

According to Wandile Ntengo, ‘women are most likely to fall victim because of the different self-esteem challenges they encounter from a circadian basis’.  It is also believed that the media is partially to blame for such challenges merely because it carries many influences on women.  Wandi said in most cases some women want to look like famous people whom they know from TV, they want to look and dress like them forgetting to be themselves and appreciate who they are. 

She added that the way in which society defines beauty, has a great impact in the minds of many women out there.  There are those girls who are labelled as ‘yellow bones’ and they are perceived to be ‘thee most wanted’ by men.

“Some dark skinned girls do not believe they are beautiful because of the stigma attached to a woman’s skin texture nowadays.  And this is caused by the men we are in relationships with, they are constantly giving compliments to light skinned girls and that on its own makes us feel inferior”, says Wandi.

According to a study which was conducted by the O Magazine on 26 October 2011, aimed at discovering the answers as to why women have low self-esteem and confidence issues.  The study reveals that women often battle with what is described as ‘the negative receptor’.  This factor is a part in a woman’s brain which can absorb criticism forever and allow compliments to evaporate instantly.

Often this negative receptor creates categories in a woman’s brain based on what the society thinks.  These categories can mainly be formed by labels such as the ‘smart one’ the ‘dependable one’ or the ‘pretty one’. 

The impact of these labels can be acute to such an extent that they end up defining who you are.  Hence a lot of women go the extra mile to ensure that they always conform to these labels, even if it means going out of their way so long as they will be validated by society.

Furthermore what the study has found is that women often battle with their hormonal circle which Brain Expects describes as the rising tide of the oestrogen and the progesterone.  These hormones navigate the emotional circle of approval and rejection in a woman.  The way in which feedback is interpreted from other people depends on where they are with the circle.  At times the feedback can destroy you or reinforce confidence throughout the day or on a regular basis.

Therefore with all that has been said and done nothing surpasses the fact that albeit you may be defined and labelled by the society encompassing you, you are the one who ought to know yourself better and always remember that true beauty and greatness rises from within. 

Love yourself enough ladies and always remember to embrace you from the inside first, because that is how you can be able to shine on the outside whether you are validated by society or not.