Stagnation of technology

We have all experienced the wonderful benefit, or the bad fall out, of technology. For over 500 years the Western world has advanced technology from a simple horse cart to rocket taking us to our celestial neighbour.

The effects have been astronomical… Like our lunar explorers came down back to earth, after their marvellous trip to the moon, we as civilization should also come down to our primordial reality: the advance of technology cannot go on indefinitely, it has to stop and soon.

Might that halt come from economy, environment or human brain’s capacity is up for debate. But the truth is that we are slowly reaching the height of our knowledge, simply because we can’t support the scientist as a person in an economy that is declining (when looking at all the economy in our day and age can you really say things are improving?).

Moreover to accommodate the new advances we would have to change our education system to cater for the new advances. Just imagine a child starting at the age of five and studying all the way to the age of twenty-one, just to get the basic scientific truths down, in that time he or she is completely dependent on others.  

Then he/she will still have to go to college and there goes another four or seven years of productive live. Now the grown adult, will have to choose an specialization to make meaningful contribution to the sciences.  At the age of about 30, the person would only start to make a reasonable contribution to the sciences.

This scenario doesn’t even take into account the myriad of things that could go wrong along the path. As our collective knowledge grows it will lead to the decreasing breakthroughs that will inevitably lead to specialization. The specialization will in turn lead to more specialization. Just imagine a hyper-specialized world.

It is very easy to think that the small problem could significantly damage such a system.   As humans, we have accepted the continuous march of technology as something we take for granted, but soon we will see the error in our ways, as technology has very degrading impact on the environment and society, we will see how both start to unravel and in the process destroy our hyper-technologized world.

I have come to accept two conclusion or getaways from our current problem with the sciences, either we continue on our present path and set ourselves up to decline like the Roman Empire, or we do the unthinkable and start cutting our living standards and reforming our society. The former will probably be the “easier” choice but will ultimately lead to a dark age.

The latter is probably impossible to implement. At the end of the day I think our technology will be our down fall and all our thinking will be in vain as the world once more transcends into darkness. Maybe, I am just overthinking things, maybe, there will be a major breakthrough that changes our lives forever. Maybe, our fate is sealed regardless…